Yajima Maimi – “Kaifuu” DVD Preview Released

16 02 2011

The DVD preview for Yajima Maimi’s e-Hello DVD titled Kaifuu has been released by C-ute’s official channel.

It was a matter of few days until we got the preview, and I really have to say that Maimi looks astonishing through the whole video, from her fair white skin to the simplicity of her clothes…

The preview only has 2 scenes; the first where we get to see Maimi coming out on a small balcony with stairs from behind curtains wearing a soft white dress and a scarf on her shoulders, then sitting on the stairs and looking at the camera from behind the decorations, and turning around moving the scraf with the wind while looking peacefully towards the camera.

The second scene is where Maimi is wearing the outfit that we already got to see on the image previously, and we see her standing next to the window and sitting on the chair with her hair arranged into braids, and the preview finished with a shot of her holding onto her dress.

Overall, I’m really amazed by how well the preview is and how beautiful Maimi looks so hopefully everyone can watch it.

The release date is set for 2/23.

e-Lineup page about product




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