Suzuki Airi and Tanaka Reina Release Songs on iTunes for “Hello!Cover”

16 02 2011

The next members on the list of the Helo!Covers are Suzuki Airi with the song Furusato and Tanaka Reina with Koi no Hana and Egao ni Namida ~THANK YOU! DEAR MY FRIENDS~

Both Airi and Reina have already released previously songs within this series, and even though I would have liked to see other members get the opportunity to release songs, I’m still happy with the announcement.

These three songs have also been released by other
members before, and it would be nice to see a different choice of songs, but I really like the idea of Airi singing Furusato since her unique voice will fit the song perfectly, as well as I’m happy to listen to Reina’s version of Koi no Hana.

Hopefully everyone can support them by buying their songs.

iTunes link for Tanaka Reina’s Koi no Hana

iTunes link for Suzuki Airi’s Furusato

iTunes link Tanaka Reina’s Egao ni Namida ~THANK YOU! DEAR MY FRIENDS~




2 responses

18 02 2011

happy for Airi and Reina,they are great!:D

1 03 2011

me toooooooo X3

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