S/mileage – “ShortCut” Event V Details Released

16 02 2011


Details for the Event V of S/mileage’s 4th single titled ShortCut have been released. A cover is provided as well as the tracklist:


1. ShortCut (Space Travel Ver.)

2. ShortCut (Wada Ayaka Close-Up Ver.)

3. ShortCut (Maeda Yuuka Close-Up Ver.)

4. ShortCut (Fukuda Kanon Close-Up Vers.)

5. ShortCut (Ogawa Saki Close-Up Vers.)

First, the cover for the Event V contains a picture of S/mileage in their alternate PV outfit for the “Dream Salon” version, cuddling up onto each other with a rainbow behind them on a blue background, as well as the title of the single.

The covers for the previous editions of ShortCut are, to say the least, more appealing and eye-catching, while this cover is made of a simple background with a picture of the girls, and even though the picture is great, the cover overall is disappointing compared to the previous ones.

The tracklist on the other hand will please many fans since it will contain the Space Travel Ver. of the PV which is definitely the most interesting, along with Close-Up ver. for each member which is always great to see.

Hopefully everyone can support them and buy their single.

The release date is set for 2/9.

H!P official page about product




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