Yajima Maimi – “Kaifuu” e-Hello DVD Announced

14 02 2011

The e-Hello DVD for Yajima Maimi titled Kaifuu (Sea Breeze) has been announced.

Along with the announcement, a picture has been released on the e-lineup page bout the product which could give some hints on the theme of the DVD…

The title itself is really amazing since it reflects Maimi’s calm and tender personality like a soft see breeze, and among all the e-Hello DVDs released so
far, I specially like hers because of it’s uniqueness and it’s relation to her caracter.

The picture provided on the site is truly amazing since we get to see Maimi in a beautiful soft pink dress with a chale over it, while sitting on a wooden chair smiling peacefully towards the camera, and the background which represets the sea really makes the picture special and brings out the theme of the DVD.

Overall, this is set to be an awesome release for Maimi fans and hopefully a preview will become available on C-ute’s YouTube channel.

The release date is set for 23/2.

e-Lineup official page about product

EDIT: The title is actually Kaifuu and not “Umi Kaze” as mentionned before, but both words have the same meaning.




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14 02 2011


14 02 2011


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