Morning Musume ~Rival Survival~ Concert Tour PB Cover Released

14 02 2011

The cover for Morning Musume’s Concert Tour ~Rival Survival~ PB has been released.

As expected of concert PBs most of the cover features a shot of all of Morning Musume in concert and I really like the shot that they used since it shows off the great power that they had during their last performance as a group, and since this PB will contain many great images from the concert from start to finish it’s a must have for all fans.

From what we can see it seems that they decided to do a different theme from the original camouflage styled logo and instead replace it with a glittery silver, purple and blue font which actually looks great, although it would have been great to see the original tour art as well.

Hopefully all fans reserve a copy of this PB since it seems like this PB could be the perfect companion to the DVD release of the concert.

The release date is set for 2/16.

BLT Page For Momusu’s Rival Survival PB Cover




2 responses

14 02 2011

Arghhhh >.> I was just catching up on old releases! I’ve just ordered the Pika Pika concert and Cutie circuit 2010! I has no monies >.<

14 02 2011

the cover looks great! i honestly feel it’s one of their better ones!
i just wish they found a way to use the other logo instead..

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