Morning Musume “Maji Desu ka Ska!” Limited Edition DVD Content Revealed

14 02 2011

  • Limited A – Alternate PV and Fukumura Mizuki interview
  • Limited B – Alternate PV and Ikuta Erina interview
  • Limited C – Alternate PV and Sayashi Riho interview
  • Limited D – Alternate PV and Suzuki Kanon interview

The content for the Limited Edition DVDs for Morning Musume’s 45th single titled Maji Desu ka Ska! has been revealed.

The DVDs for the single will include an alternate version of the PV (not yet specified) as well as an interview with each member, Neowing confirmed the interviews but it didn’t specify the member names (the list above is most likely right) so it seems like this will be the content for the DVD so far.

Since the DVDs will include an interview it seems like the four versions for the single make more sense since there are four members (4 members = 4 limited editions), and since there are interviews with the new members in each DVD it gives fans more of a reason to buy more than one copy since most of us have more than one favorite member in the 9th generation.

The only part of the DVD content that hasn’t been released are the alternate PVs for each edition but we should find out soon since the release date will be next month, but since recent singles have had singles with different titles we don’t really know what to expect since they could be solo versions for the new members (not likely) or some other kind of shot from the PV.

So far there doesn’t seem to be that much info about the single apart from the description of the single the manager for the group tweeted (according to the tweet the song will be  “super energetic” and it’s “cute” which will make you listen to it many times)  along with an update that Ai-chan cut her hair short once again, which is a great sign that this single will be different than their last release.

Hopefully more info about the DVDs is released soon along with a preview for the song or the PV since this single is turning out to be pretty interesting so far.

The release date is set for 3/23.

Forest Kinokuniya Page For Morning Musume’s 45th Single – Limited A

Forest Kinokuniya Page For Morning Musume’s 45th Single – Limited B

Forest Kinokuniya Page For Morning Musume’s 45th Single – Limited C

Forest Kinokuniya Page For Morning Musume’s 45th Single – Limited D




17 responses

14 02 2011

You wrote Fukuda Kanon instead of Suzuki Kanon! >_<

14 02 2011

Thanks for telling me, I just corrected it ^_^

14 02 2011

Don’t you mean “Suzuki Kanon interview” and not Fukuda? lol ^_^

14 02 2011

Sorry ^_^;
I just corrected it ^_^

14 02 2011

Why are you making it so hard, UFA?! I want either the Zukki or Yasshi interview, but I don’t want to just by those if they turn out to have awful alternative pv’s!

I might just buy them all ._.

14 02 2011

Well, with that tweet from the manager, im very hopeful about this single!!!
Energetic and cute?! Perfect, just what Morning Musume needs!!
I can’t wait to see Ai with short hair again – i really like her with shorter hair, but she can pull of either look!

14 02 2011

I really don’t know the 9th gen girls, so I’m not sure which CD to buy.

14 02 2011

Erina really annoys me. I hope I start to like her later on because I like all Idols. She just doesn’t smile in any of her videos. She wasn’t even a morning musume
fan when she auditioned.

14 02 2011

judging from the member’s blog posts I think all the new members are really likeable! you probably just need to see them in action :)

Erina seems really shy and nervous so I think you should just give her time ^^ and she’s also said she’s like Momusu since Mr. Moonlight

15 02 2011

Really? A Yoshizawa Hitomo fangirl perhaps. lol JK
Yeah, Erina seems to be the most reserved out of the new girls but hey, so was Aibon and Nono and Kamei too.
Well, I’m looking forward to this single!

15 02 2011

I’m not a big Erina fan yet as well, but it seems that she is not used to the spotlight yet, so it’s understandable why she doesn’t smile as much as the other members but we haven’t really seen much of the new generation apart from the few interviews and fan events they had so there is still time for her to impress everyone ^_^

She is a big AKB48 fan, but apart from that we don’t really know that much about what other groups she likes since some Momusu fans seemed to focus more on her being a fan of the “rival” group instead of her other qualities, but it seems that she is learning quickly and she is doing a pretty good job so far with fans ^_^

15 02 2011

u’re wrong…. on the interview, she said she was a MM fan back then when Moonlight….. came out…
and she indeed doesn’t smile in pics/videos, but she said she’s practicing more in front of the camera and try to smile more to make her fans happy

16 02 2011

Mr moonlight? She would have been only 4 years old. Anyway, I don’t like disliking people. Haters are annoying. I’m just goping I find domething to like about her.

15 02 2011

I can’t wait to see it!^^
my fave noewcomers are Sayashi and Fukumura,bit I’d like to see Suzuki And Ikuta too!:D they’re all so great!^.^

15 02 2011

“My knee(s) has been broken,because in today’s dance lesson,LINE….,oh,I’ve almost slipped my tongue!” Tanaka Reina posted on her blog at 11:18pm on 2/15,JST. She may intentionally slipped her tongue.Then ,on Japanese HP fans’ site,many fans supposed “line” may means “line dance”. And Michishige wrote on her blog on 2/15″I’ve got stiff mustles ” So,I and many fans suppose the 45th is accompanied with very violent action dance ,perhaps it’s Jamaica Ska rhythm. Although Line dance is originated in USA(?) ,in Japan,Takarazuka’s line dance is famous.Takahashi Ai very likes the Takarazuka show(Her dream was becoming Takarazuka Star, but her height was insufficient.) and it’s well known Tsunku borrows many ideas from Takarazuka.

15 02 2011

I’m super excited about this single now. Lot’s of new PVs ^0^
If I was going to buy one, even though I won’t be able to, I’d get Limited A because Fukumura is my favorite from this generation. <3

16 02 2011

Yeah, itd be hard to decide which edition to get of the single…
cuz i like all the ninth generation girls!!
I don’t really have a fav right now… :P
i guess this is in tsunku’s plan, so people can buy more than 1 to see more of the ninth generation!

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