C-ute – “Chou WONDERFUL!” Full Radio Preview Released

13 02 2011

The full radio rip for C-ute’s theme song for their 6th album titled Chou WONDERFUL! has been released.

The song starts off with a great bass and drums instrumental followed by a very energetic electric guitar sound, and the sound that follows is mixed between rock and pop, making the song really catchy.

The girls sing each a line with the chorus following, along with many “Chou Wonderful” on a really upbeat music sound, and even in the little part where the song is slowed down a little, it still has that cute feeling “Aishiteru yo” and groups lines follow where surprisingly, no one’s voice is overwhelming the  other so we get to hear them sing as a real group, and I’m really happy to hear more Nakky and Mai in this since their unique voices fit well with the song.

The music break near 3:37 is really amazing since it mixes techno sound and clapping, with great combination of instruments and a slight reminder of Buono’s Buono! no Theme where here Nakky (or Airi) shouts GUITAR and a smashing guitar solo is following… Also, for those who haven’t noticed it, the song is a little longer than usual, but with the catchy and cute sound, you can’t get bored of it.

Overall, the song is really upbeat and I think fans will love it performed live since there will be many intersaction between C-ute and the fans attending, along with the fact that it makes a -chou- wonderful theme song for their upcoming album.

Hopefully more previews will be out soon.

The release date is set for 3/23.




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13 02 2011

Funny. The ‘GUITAR’ bit sounded like a young Maimai to me.

13 02 2011
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13 02 2011

Hm.. I think this Guitar scream comes from Mai =3
Anyways, this song is great to listen.
And its such a long song *_*
I love long songs, especially those who are good xD

13 02 2011

Oh, she’s screaming guitar… I always understood C-ute xD

13 02 2011

I think the “Guitar” comes from MaiMai too

Anyways, this song announces a so much better album than Shocking 5… I hope the other songs of the album are as good as Chou Wonderful!

°C-ute improve more and more this time, it’s a good thing =)

13 02 2011

A great start to their album!! I can already tell it’s going to be better than their last one. :D

14 02 2011

Lol I’m really confused about who said it but it’s okay…
Also I agree with the fact that it will be a better album then Shocking 5 !! now all they need left is a great promotion !

14 02 2011

I also think it’s Maimai saying the “guitar!” XD
This song. Is so awesome. Such a good concert song.
It could’ve been a good single even. :0
This makes me hope this album will be as awesome as this song.

14 02 2011

I looooove this song :)
And I love how Nakky has lines <333
Thanks for sharing it.

btw, I'm pretty sure that it's Maimai shouting "GUITAR!"


15 02 2011

I absolutely LOVED Shocking 5. Sigh.

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