Wada Ayaka – “Wada Ayaka 16” PB Cover Released

10 02 2011

The cover for the Wanibooks edition of Wada Ayaka’s 1st PB titled Wada Ayaka 16 has been released.

The cover is really simple compared to the DVD cover which was lively and colorful, and it features a simple picture of Dawa looking deeply at the camera while lying down on the floor, holding her hands one against the other.

Although the background, lightning and outfit in this picture aren’t that flattering for Dawa, the picture itself is still beautiful with her deep eyes expression and hopefully the content will be more energetic and Dawa-ish.

Hopefully a preview of the DVD will be released soon to get a more precise theme for this release.

The release date is set for 25/2.

Wanibooks page about product




4 responses

10 02 2011

omg, i didn’t even recognized her!~
she looks so pretty! :3

10 02 2011
Fe Mota

I Love Ayaka.
she’s beautiful ^.^

11 02 2011

She cut her hair! Yes! Now S/mileage will look like a complete unit. Dawa looked so out of place when Yuuka cut her hair. Now they will blend so well.

14 02 2011

That bland cover is already really Dawa-ish imo.

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