Berryz Koubou – “Heroine ni Narou ka!” Covers Released

10 02 2011

Top Left: Limited A, Top Right: Limited C, Bottom Left: Limited B, Bottom Right: Regular

The covers for Berryz Koubou’s 25th single titled Heroine ni Narou ka! have been released.

Here are some slightly bigger covers for the limited editions (the regular wasn’t included for some reason):

For the most part the covers are amazing since we get to see a different theme for each single, which really gives fans a chance to enjoy more of a bonus since each cover gives them a unique theme for them to enjoy and since each one of the covers looks impressing with a great amount of colors and variety it seems like a great way to increase sales a bit since most fans will most likely have more than one favorite cover.

The regular cover features all of the members in an impressing lineup with Risako, Kumai, Momo, and Miyabi in front and Maasa, Chii, and Captain in the back row (somewhat expected), and even though it doesn’t have a cover that is as creative as the others I did like the way everyone looked and the bright background behind them.

The Limited A cover features a really different theme with Berryz Koubou walking through a blue city street with the title of the single in bright shiny letters, and I have to admit that this was among my favorites (although Berryz Koubou is somewhat hard to see) since it’s a unique theme that seems to combine well with the outfits of the girls.

The Limited B cover features all of the members of Berryz Koubou in what appears to be a rally with signs that feature the title of the single (the building seems to have the same title as well) and like the Limited A cover it is somewhat hard to tell how each member looks since the image is somewhat small but I really liked the theme since it stands out from the others.

The Limited C cover features all of the members in a collage of photo squares where each member smiles or poses in an elegant model way with a background made up of the title of the single in pink letters, and this is also among my favorites since the letters in the background and the great poses of each member stands out well.

Overall I really like the way they seem to be making the covers now since the Regular cover features a somewhat average looking theme with a typical lineup while the Limited editions feature a more unique and creative theme that gives fans a sense of getting more of a bonus along with the DVD when they buy the single.

The theme used in the covers, from the usual lineup to the city theme and the collage of pictures all are amazing in their own way and will most likely appeal to many fans so hopefully everyone buys a copy or two of the single since this release looks amazing so far.

The release date is set for 3/2.

Official H!P Post About Covers For Berryz Koubou’s Single




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10 02 2011
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10 02 2011

I fell in love with Limited A… !

10 02 2011

I LOVE THESE COVERS!! They are AMAZING! The best covers I’ve seen from berryz!!~

10 02 2011

yaaay! Yurina’s in the middle again! :D

10 02 2011

these are some pretty cool covers!
I like limited A the most!

I really hope we get some bigger images though since I wanna see the details on the buildings on A and B

anyways, does anyone else feel like the usual Berryz logo is a bit different?

11 02 2011

Looking at the limited C version reminds me of 4th Ai no nachara Shihuu for some reason :/

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