New Berryz Koubou Profile Pictures For “Heroine ni Narou ka!”

8 02 2011

The official H!P site has updated with new profile pictures for Berryz Koubou’s 25th single titled Heroine ni Narou ka!

When I first saw the outfits I was really glad to see that they continued the theme of unique outfits for each member since all of the other groups seem to lean more on similar outfits with little to no changes for each member, and even though some of the outfits don’t seem to fit in with the others I really liked how they all looked.

Captain looks amazing since we get to see her with long curly hair, a cute shirt and scarf, as well as some great silver accessories, a cute skirt, and black boots, and even though she was in the back for the group photo she really stands out a lot to me since she looks more mature.

Momo has a dark outfit that is made up of half leather and half cloth with a white skirt, black boots and what appears to be a ponytail and like always she looks amazing, although the half leather half cloth outfit seems a bit unique.

Chinami is simply gorgeous since we get to see her hair in a cute style with a silk dress shirt, a polka dot bow tie, a small vest, and a belt on top of a shiny skirt and boots and even though her boots are slightly loose I really loved they way she looked overall since we get to see her in a more mature outfit.

Maasa has a completely dark outfit with a shiny jacket, a black skirt, and black boots which all look great with her black hair, and even though I usually don’t pay that much attention to her I really loved the way she looks.

Miyabi stands out from the other members since she seems to be the only member that doesn’t have a dark colored outfit, and it’s easy to see why since she has a jean vest, a pink skirt, and elegant boots with a slightly unique hat, but I did like the way she looked although I would have preferred to see her without the hat.

Kumai has a fluffy black and white poncho styled outfit that basically covers most of her up except for the black boots and even though it’s slightly difficult to see what kind of bottom she is using I did like how the outfit looked.

Risako has a simple black outfit with a skirt and boots, which seems to be similar to Maasa’s outfit although she has similar boots to Miyabi which makes her stand out a bit alongside Miyabi since they are the only members with that style of boots.

Overall all of the outfits are impressing in their own way since they each have a unique look that fits each member perfectly, and despite their being a few outfits that looked a bit too unique (like Momo’s half leather half cloth outfit or Miyabi’s country styled outfit) I loved how great each member looks.

I am a bit curious to see if Miyabi’s different colored outfit was chosen for a reason or if it’s only a different style of outfit from the rest of the members, but for the most part all of the outfits match well with the techno sound of the single.

Hopefully we get to see a preview of the PV soon since the outfits and song are very impressive so far.

The release date is set for 3/2.

Official H!P Page For Berryz Koubou




21 responses

8 02 2011

Yurina, Momoko and Chinami stand out the most to me. They look gorgeous! But I kinda hate that Risako and Miyabi are wearing the exact same boots. XD

8 02 2011

I really love all the outfits excepts for Chii’s and Momo’s D: The others look amazing.

-Risa looks really dazzling in hr picture :) I looove her dress and boots.
-Kumai-chan is just gorgeous. SUCH a natural beautiful and a perfectly suited outfit.
-Miya looks sweet. Not sure the boots work with the outfit, but nice^^
-Maa looks STUNNING. FINALLY. They put her in something nice!
-Now…Chii looks nice(she’s beautiful) but I don’t think they should have given her a shirt with a waste coat on it. I think a shirt and a loose wastecoat would have been nicer :)
-Momo…MOMO IS NOT FAT. SHE HAS A LOVELY FIGURE. WHY DOES SHE LOOKS SLIGHTLY PLUMP? D: My 2nd FAVE member! That dress is waaay too…I can’t pu it into words but It makes her look plumpish DD: I’m not trying to be mean.

8 02 2011
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8 02 2011

Why does Maatan’s hair ALWAYS suck? Can they please give the girl some bangs or something? At least do her part different every once in a while! Jeez! :(

8 02 2011

almost EVERY Idol has bangs!

I LOVE maasa’s no bang hairstyle because it sets her apart from other people. Her straight long jet black hair with no bangs is beautiful!

9 02 2011

I agree. The same for Aika. Aika has too many Haters :( More than any other Idol in H!P history.

9 02 2011

Really? Who could hate Aika?! She’s my in my top two favorites in Morning Musume!! :(

And I don’t hate Maasa, I just don’t like how her hair falls on her face, it makes her forehead look small/bad/weird. idk it’s just not my favorite look, but I don’t dislike her!!

10 02 2011

no i think ur thing about sayu. becuase of an inccedient on a TV show with a popular boy group (she was honest about how she felt about there fashion) and got over 5,000 comments about it on her blog. she was voted #8 in a poll about female ceebrities wometn hate the most. and some hate her cuteness

8 02 2011

But the straight long hair style without bangs has become HER look! I think Maa looks great and she really rocks it :)

10 02 2011

IKR!!!!!!! Maa looked really great with bangs!

8 02 2011

Miyabi’s outfit sticks out too much and looks day-time compared to everyone else.

8 02 2011

The picture, apart from the fabulous edgy outfits are all so fierce and stylish!!!
Captain, Maasa, Yurina and Risako stand out the most with their fierce looks and outfits!!! <3

8 02 2011

I love captain’s long hair, I think it really makes her look awesome in this picture!!
Momo’s outfit makes her look like those victorian dolls and Chinami’s outfit sort of reminds me of a cowboy waiter thing…
Then Miyabi being the only “color” outfit makes her totally stand out.

Love it!

8 02 2011

Chinami really does have the best legs in H!P
hands down.

8 02 2011

I just fell in love with Maasa all over again :)

8 02 2011

I LOVE all their outfits, and everyone looks stunning!! Although Miya standing out so much is a bit odd. Momusu’s profile pictures with 9th gen was sort of the same way, with Ai-chan, Niigaki and Reina standing out.

8 02 2011

Captain with long hair= HAWT!!!!
Maasa- WOW!!
Chinami- *melts* LOVE!!!!

8 02 2011

doesn’t anyone here think that chinami’s outfit kind of look like a waitress….???
Well she is pretty… And the her photos are great… But she looks like a waitress… In a rock styled cafe…. I wouldn’t mind going though..if she’s the waitress….. :P

9 02 2011

Wow, absolutely fantastic profile pics. Captain looks truly stunning with long hair and those tall boots. And Chinami, although I don’t really like her outfit in this picture, continues to look more beautiful every time I see her. Momoko, Maasa, and Risako all look great in the black outfits. I’m not so sure about the weird poncho thing Yurina is wearing but she still looks pretty good.

I have to say, however, that Miyabi looks terrible with the denim vest and hillbilly hat, not to mention how much it clashes with the other outfits in the group pic. Miyabi has never been a favorite of mine but I admit that she always pulls off a very beautiful look. Not this time though – IMO that outfit is just ridiculous and there’s no way she could overcome that.

11 02 2011

I so love Saki-chan!
WTF Chinami looks so Tomb Raider Babe, really like her.
Risako and Momo, looks Visual Kei-ish, though Momo looks a child *a s usual*
Yurina??Miyabi??Maasa?? – okay.

14 02 2011

Lol I’ve already posted, but I just wanna say that I love Chinami, her outfit is amazing, but I hate her hair… it’s waaaay too short… I dunno, maybe it’s just me…? Lol but I think she looks amazing otherwise. Then again, I didn’t like Maimi’s hair when she first cut it too, but now I’ve gotten use to it and it looks better now, so… maybe China-chan’s hair will have the same effect on me.

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