Wada Ayaka – “Ayaka” DVD Cover Released

7 02 2011

The cover for Wada Ayaka’s DVD titled “Ayaka” has been released.

The DVD cover is really interesting since the eye-catching thing is the many colors used which brighten up the amazing picture of Ayaka and the multi-colored title really sets the theme of the DVD referring to Ayaka without distracting too much from her, which is great.

Bikini-cover fans might be slightly disappointed (Yuuka’s cover wasn’t a bikini picture too), but Dawa fans should be really happy since the super cute pose Ayaka is doing while holding a pink box and cussion, along with her signature ponytail and her smashing smile really sets this cover apart from the usual ones we get to see.

The setting which she is in is really colorful, and I’m guessing she is sitting on a wooden bed that has different pillows and colorful baloons on it, with Ayaka sitting in the right middle. As for the title art, it’s really one of the most unique ones any member got since it is really colorful and seems to be made as the wooden toys little kids play with…

Overall, the cover looks really amazing and suggests a more childish theme for the DVD, so hopefully we will get a preview soon.

The release date is set for 3/2.

Amazon page about product



2 responses

7 02 2011

She looks so Kawaii <3 <3

8 02 2011

awww she looks adorable!

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