Hello! Project Poll Results: 2010

7 02 2011

It’s time again for the yearly poll results!

The post took longer than usual for a few reasons that I will specify later on, but for the most part the results were checked many times so they are pretty accurate and if you have any doubt or concern about the results I encourage you to check the results for yourself since I got the poll results from the Shuukan Yoro! posts, which makes it easy for others to confirm the results.

Like always the results don’t reflect the popularity each member has since this is only a poll from a fan site where about a thousand votes are received each week, which doesn’t even come close to the amount of fans around the world so please don’t take the results too seriously, they are just a fun way of seeing how each member did against the others in the weekly polls.

I didn’t change the results at all, the numbers are the result of the fans voting and I voted only once a week like everyone else so I don’t have any special privileges in the polls (my vote is the same as your vote) but if you have any concern or doubt about the results please comment below or email me and I will gladly confirm any totals or results you might have.

That being said I put the rest of the post after the break since the post is somewhat longer than usual, so please click below to read more:

The results post for 2010 took quite a bit more time than usual since I had a hard time coming up with a theme for the images and also since I had to check the results and make some small changes (which will be explained later) but I hope that the images are easier to read than last year.

First I would like to mention two things, the first of them being the results for the first poll where Kanon got about 710 votes. The poll was done before I placed the “one vote per week” restriction so the results were really high since someone most likely used a proxy and raised her results from about 200 to 710 in a few hours (I am almost sure that a proxy was used since there weren’t 500 visits to the site during that time, and also because I distinctly remember her results being around 250 before they rose).

As a result I decided to lower her votes to make it more fair to everyone else since that result would have thrown off all other results and would have given her an unfair advantage, so I decided to lower her votes from 710 to 310, which seems like a more realistic result and still preserves her first place in that poll.

Second, since I changed my poll style from “everyone appears equally in their own group” to “regular mix of all members” there were a few members that appeared more times than others, so I decided to list them here so that everyone keeps them in mind as they read the results:

  • Appeared 7 times: Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa, Shimizu Saki, Sugaya Risako, Yajima Maimi, Suzuki Airi, Hagiwara Mai, Mano Erina, and Fukuda Kanon
  • Appeared 6 times: Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina, Mitsui Aika, Jun Jun, Lin Lin, Tsugunaga Momoko, Tokunaga Chinami, Sudou Maasa, Natsuyaki Miyabi, Kumai Yurina, Okai Chisato, and Maeda Yuuka
  • Appeared 5 times: Nakajima Saki, Wada Ayaka, and Ogawa Saki

As a result I decided to offer two different result sections, one of them being the normal results without any changes and another “corrected” results section where the vote totals where slightly changed to give everyone the same amount of appearances.

Hopefully this should give everyone a complete look at what the results were and while I would have liked everyone to have the same amount of appearances from the start I will make sure that the polls this year have a more equal amount of appearances so that the results don’t have to be corrected at the “2011 poll results” post.

Normal Results

Like I mentioned before I divided the results into five different categories: Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, S/mileage, and Hello! Project (which is basically the overall results), and I decided to use a simpler theme with a more easily readable font for the poll result images than last year, so everything should be easy to see and straightforward.

So first, Morning Musume:

There was a total of 13,672 votes for Morning Musume members.

There were many surprises for the Morning Musume member results, the biggest of them being that Gaki was the member with the most votes in Momusu and not Ai-chan, as well as Sayu placing 6th and Jun Jun getting a higher spot than her.

For the most part the results were interesting since I didn’t expect to see Sayu so low or Jun Jun so high in the rankings but I am happy to see that Gaki placed first since she has a great personality and even though Ai-chan would have realisitically been in first place it’s great to see that they both had results that were really close.

Throughout the year I though that Sayu would be among the top three places in the results, but I was surprised to see that she placed in the last three places since she was really popular in the polls she was in, although I was glad to see that Jun Jun placed so high since it shows that she did have a solid fanbase.

Overall the results were somewhat unexpected for some members (mainly Gaki, Jun Jun, Mitsui, and Sayu) but for the most part they seem to fit in with the many popularity polls I have seen throughout many forums and sites so they somewhat fit with the expected results.

Next is Berryz Koubou:

There was a total of 9,107 votes for Berryz Koubou members.

Not that many surprises in the results for Berryz Koubou but the few there were were very surprising, the biggest one of them being that Captain placed first which goes against all of the popularity polls among forums since she usually places somewhat lower, but like always I’m glad to see that she has so much support since she definitely deserves to be in first place.

The rest of the results for the most part seem to fit along with the expected except for Risako getting about 200 votes less than Momo, but I am glad to see that most of the members had great support from their fans, although like always I hope to see Maasa or Chii in a higher place next time.

Next is C-ute:

There was a total of 7,369 votes for C-ute members.

Like expected Airi placed first with a big gap between her and second place, and since Chisa has been getting so much promotion lately I expected to see her among the first places and I’m glad to see that she did since she is really talented, but I was surprised to see Maimi place second to last since she seems to be a really popular member.

Mai usually places last in most of her polls although her results are the most steady of the members which might have helped her but I would have liked to see Nakky or Maimi place higher since they are the leader and sub-leader of the group.

Next is S/mileage:

There was a total of 4,429 votes for S/mileage members.

Since S/mileage is still relatively new I expected to see less votes for them in comparison to other members, but for the most part the results seemed to be similar to other groups since there were many different “sections” with different amount of votes.

There were two big surprises in the results, the first being that Kanon got first place with a 600 vote difference between her and Yuuka, and the second that leader Ayaka got almost half the votes that Ogawa got, which I didn’t expect at all since Ayaka seemed like she did relatively well (although she did have a slow start with low votes during her first few polls).

S/mileage didn’t get as many votes as other members in total but they did have the biggest differences between first and last place, but I really hope we can see Ayaka in a slightly higher place next year since she really deserves to have many more votes.

Those were the individual results for each group and like I promised here are the overall results:

Click for bigger image

There were a total of 35,865 votes for polls in 2010.

Gaki managed to keep first place with Airi taking second place and Ai-chan following in third, and for the most part the rest of the results were somewhat normal with most of the members staying in the same area they were in for their groups.

Ayaka stood out quite a lot since she got about 400 votes less than the second to last member, Maasa, and while that might be a big difference I really hope she gets more votes this year since she seems like a great leader who really deserved many more votes.

Mano placed near the middle, which is somewhat expected since she doesn’t seem to have that much support although it’s great to see that she has a solid and loyal fanbase that supports her in every poll.

Overall the results for the poll were slightly unexpected since Gaki, Captain, and many other members placed in a different place than in other polls in sites and fan forums but for the most part it’s great to see that the results were a bit more balanced.

Corrected Results

Like I mentioned above not all members appeared the same amount of times and since I wanted to see all members get the same appearances I decided to slightly adjust the results for each member by reducing their number of appearances to 5 by removing their lowest appearances they had (for example, if one member had 6 appearances with poll results: 500, 600, 500, 600, 300, 400, I would remove the 300 and just count the rest), and for the most part there didn’t seem to be that many differences since most of the members had a solid amount of votes.

First Morning Musume:

Almost no change for Morning Musume, except for Gaki gaining a slightly bigger lead over Ai-chan and Kamei and Reina changing places with a small difference of about 40 votes, but I am surprised to see that Mitsui gained a closer result to Lin Lin and that most of the results seemed to get closer to others.

Next Berryz Koubou:

Big changes to the results, most notable of them being Captain dropping to third place, and while there weren’t that many different votes between her and Miyabi and Momo it did seem like a change that slightly helped Miyabi and Momo get higher positions in the ranking.

The rest of the members seem to have the same results, although like Morning Musume two members changed placed with a small amount of vote differences: Kumai and Risako, but Chii and Maasa have the same place.

Next C-ute:

Almost the same results: Airi has first place with a big gap between her and second place, Chisa, followed by Maimai, although here Maimi dropped to last place and Nakky got fourth place with a small amount of vote differences, and while the results might be similar I can’t help but be a bit disappointed when I saw Maimi in last place since she and Ayaka seem to be the only leaders to be in the last place of their group.

Next S/mileage:

No change for S/mileage: Kanon still keeps first place with a 400 vote difference with Yuuka and Ogawa in the same range of votes and Ayaka almost 500 votes behind Ogawa, which was disappointing to see since Ayaka really stood out from the other members since she didn’t change, even though all of the other members had a reduced amount of votes.

Next the overall results for all members:

Click for bigger image

Almost no changes for the overall results, except for a few members switching places, most notably Captain, Risako, Mano, and Maimi who dropped quite a few places, and apart from Nakky going up a few places and being replaced by Chii the last few places remained mostly the same with Maasa and Ayaka at the end.

Overall the slight correction did balance out most of the results but for the most part there wasn’t that many differences since Gaki, Airi, and Ai-chan were still the top three and Ayaka still is in last place with a considerable difference against Maasa, but it’s great to see that the results didn’t change that much and that the normal results are accurate despite the extra appearances.

Member of the Week Appearances

As a special bonus I made another quick graph showing the number of times each member was the “Member of the Week”, which should give everyone an idea of who has appeared and how many times:

Click for bigger image

For the most part the results match up with the number of time someone appeared as member of the week (for obvious reasons) although it’s interesting to see that Mano didn’t appear once but she managed to place in the middle of the poll results, but it’s great to see that the results matched up well with the number of appearances.

So, those are the results for the polls during 2010, like I mentioned before don’t take them too seriously since they are only the results for fans who visit this site, not for all fans around the world, so if your favorite member got a low position then please support them by spreading the word for other fans to vote for them or send the link to others so they can vote as well.

Every week when I change polls I vote once and I almost always don’t check until the end of the week, but I encourage everyone to get the link for the poll and send it to friends or post it in fan forums for other fans to support, the only thing I don’t like is for fans to use proxys or other unfair methods of supporting their favorite member, but I’m glad that there was almost no issue with that the past year.

The weekly polls are a fun way for fans to interact since we get to have a small competition between three members with the winner getting their picture on the sidebar for a week, so I hope everyone continues to participate in the poll each week.

Please continue to support your favorite members (both in the polls and in their releases) and thank you to everyone who voted, and continues to vote, since the polls are a great way to choose a member of the week and also to find out how each member would do against another in a poll, and while they are only for fun it’s great to see the amount of fans who participate each week.

I have many different surprises planned for the polls this year so please make sure to keep up with the Shuukan Yoro! posts each week since I will detail them there.

Please continue to support your favorite member and thank you very much for voting each week!




15 responses

7 02 2011

im bummed seeing C-ute not having many votes >_<
especially maimi and nakky…. :/
also dawa…. :(

but i guess.. im glad seeing airi do well :D

8 02 2011

Actually C-ute did pretty well ^_^

They only have five members so they were at a disadvantage from the start since Momusu had 8 and Berryz had 7, but they managed to be pretty close to Berryz Koubou ^_^

Maimi, Nakky, and Dawa were really surprising, but hopefully fans support them this year ^_^

9 02 2011

Some people have been disappointed with C-ute after Shocking 5. I personally like the album a lot and still consider them a favorite but I think their popularity waned a little bit because of that. Hopefully 2011 will be a stronger year for them.

8 02 2011
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8 02 2011

Thanks Adode, yay Gaki FTW!

8 02 2011

Woot!! GO Kanon!!

8 02 2011

I’m so sad when ai-chan was on 3rd place in h!p member
but it’s ok risa was no. 1 and airi

8 02 2011

Aika and Maimai last? Saki in the uncorrcted version too D: -shoots self-

8 02 2011

D’awh. I hate seeing some of my favourite members last. But aside from that, Gaki-san got 1st over Ai, and Captain got 1st too!! And JunJun did well too.
Dawa, Kumaicho, LinLin, and Chii though… :/
Oh well, more fandom for me~

Chii seems to do bad in popularity polls and sales. I don’t see why. She’s pretty and has a great personality, and her huge smile really sticks out among some other idols. Her voice is really cute too. I just don’t get it. -A-;

8 02 2011

BTW, will 9th gen be added to the polls once they debut with the new single? I think it’s kinda fair that way so they have some publicity.

8 02 2011

Yes, I plan on adding them to the poll soon, I will try and see if I can change some of the upcoming polls to include them so that everyone can vote for their favorite 9th gen member ^_^

8 02 2011

Woah!! Gaki #1 \(^_^)/ That’s surprising!!! I love Gaki and all so yay!! But I’m kinda surprised that Ai wasn’t #1 or #2 (for overall)

also I was expecting MM to be dominate in the top 5 but Airi being up there is quite a surprise!!

Anyways thanks for all the hard work and putting this together! :)

8 02 2011

It was unexpected but contests to Gaki!
I just realized that Chii didn’t get the chance to be member of the week last year D: definitely going to keep that in mind when I’m voting from now on

9 02 2011

CONGRATZ to Gaki-san
she will definately be successful in being the leader of MoMusu next year > with all the support from fans


9 02 2011

Really interesting post, Ado. I’ve always enjoyed the weekly polls and I think it’s cool that you put so much work into tallying the results for this post. It’s interesting to see how the weekly polls added up over time.

Thanks for all the work you put into this site – that goes for the contributions of your new authors, ladylibra92 and Ayuchii, as well.

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