Morning Musume’s 45th Single Titled “Maji Desu ka Ska!”

3 02 2011

The title for Morning Musume’s 45th single has been revealed to be Maji Desu ka Ska! on a article.

I’m glad to see that just a few days after the announcement of the single we get a chance to find out the title since this will most likely be among the most watched single releases of the year and many fans are looking forward to finding out what it will be like and what theme it will have.

The title is somewhat unique since Maji Desu ka Ska! seems to hint at the possibility of the single having a Ska sound, which we haven’t heard that much from recent Momusu singles, and while it might be a bit too soon to judge a single from the title alone I am interested in seeing if this will be a single with a Ska sound or if it’s simply a play on words.

Hopefully we find out in the next few days since this single seems like it will be a uniquely themed release.

The release date is set for 3/23. Article About Momusu’s 45th Single




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3 02 2011

I have a small idea of what ska is like so I’m excited for this single! :)

3 02 2011

remember that we already had a taste of ska back with the song, Koko ni Iruzee!
With the song name itself and knowing that Ska is such a fun genre to listen to, no doubt that this single is gonna be awesome~!

3 02 2011

From the title, I’m sort of expecting a very energetic kind of song, which is to be expected with the addition of 9th Gen. It’s more aged-appropriate for them than “Kimagure Princess” or “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game”, though I’m not sure if I should be excited or disappointed. xD I’ve grown to love MM’s mature sound but energetic MM is awesome, too. >< Though, I'm pretty sure it'll be an amazing single, nonetheless.

I can't wait to hear a preview! I'm very curious about the line distribution. O_o I'm kind of expected Ai and Reina to be the lead vocals, but with all the changes that's been going on for both MM and H!P, I'm not totally sure about that anymore.

Ah, I'm so excited~

4 02 2011

I’m incredibly excited~ finally we get to see what the 9th generation can offer MM, and see them in action

4 02 2011

Oh, I hope the song has a ‘Koko ni Iruzee!’ feel. Momusu hasn’t had that in a while. It’s going to be strange now that they have to back off the mature sexiness for a while. Fingers crossed on having the lines distributed a little more evenly. I’m really getting bored of all the Ai and Reina lead songs. And fingers crossed on being able to pick out the new girls voices on the track. I know Zukki will probably be easy, she’s the one who’s voice will be smiling even if it’s a sad song, LOL. That girl is one big smiley face. So yeah, I’m hoping they all already have distinguishable voices.

4 02 2011

The translation of the title is “Serious Ska”, right? XD

7 02 2011

No, it’s more like
“Is it really ska?” or “Truly ska?” It’s a question phrase.

4 02 2011

OMGG soo excitedd!! XD
i think this is gonna be a very good release from momosu!!
I have a feeling!!!
Yes, hopefully the lines are going to be distributed more evenly, but i dont think we have 2 worry about that :)
Looking back at all the old debut singles, the have always been great releases with a unique tune. (Love Machine, Happy Summer Wedding, Mr. Moonlight, Shabondama, Irropoi Jirretai, Onna ni Sachi are)
I think we should really anticipate this release and be happy for morning musume that they will hopefully be trying a new sound with their new generation!!!
It was long overdue, anyway!! :D

4 02 2011

You forgot mittsi’s debut single, Egao Yes Nude

4 02 2011

The title is too similar to another group’s upcoming drama sequel “Majisuka Gakuen”. A direct declaration of war from Tsunku..?

4 02 2011

I don’t think so.
Just because the title has some similar word doesn’t mean it is a declaration of war.
After all the title of Berryz’s single Heroine ni Narou ka! was released before AKB48 released the title of their single Sakura no Ki ni Narou and that wasn’t a declaration of war.
and yes i know that Majisuka Gakuen is an AKB drama ;)

5 02 2011

The AKB48 song Majisuka Rock ‘n Roll makes it a bit more suspicious. I still wouldn’t call it a “declaration of war”, though.

5 02 2011

I’m really excited for this one! Had been long since I felt such anxiety.

5 02 2011

Very strange title even for Japanese! Many fans have argued about “title”itself
for long time in japanese fans’ site. I think Mr.Tsunku has not hostility to AKB producer Akimoto. It may be a little irony–because Mr.Akimoto imitated many
ideas from Tsunku, and of course viceversa,Akimoto produced Onyanko club,
then Tsunku got the hint from this,then created Momusu with Up Front president Mr.Yamasaki. Tsunku said in last year ” Circumstances of Idol industry
has become very good ,producers,composers or idol members are stimulating
each other and aiming to further high level performances.–Well,Ticket for1st and 2nd days of Momusu spring concert tours were instantly sold out! It is said
that “ex”-Momusu fans have returned to concert for watching the 9th members.
9th may become the savior of Momusu!

6 02 2011

It’s not “SKA” it’s “suka” :]

7 02 2011
Mira Lindén

Nope. Not based on what i’ve heard.

7 02 2011

Suka is the Romaji for Ska, and since “Suka” doesn’t have any other meaning in Japanese (except for another word that is written in Hiragana) and it was written in Katakana it’s somewhat suggested that Ska is the closest translation ^_^

But knowing Tsunku it could just be a play on words or “Ska” might not have anything to do with this single so until we get an explanation for the title from Tsunku or the members we don’t know what the correct meaning is ^_^

7 02 2011
Mira Lindén

I keep on hearing that this single might be similar to Koko ni Iruzee!. Which really makes me a bit disappointed because Koko ni Iruzee! is the worst MM single in my opinion. I prefer the mature MM.
But the 9th gen members will probably make it better. c:

7 02 2011

Don’t worry about that, nobody knows what the single will sound like, only Tsunku, so until we get a preview every mention of what the single might sound like is purely fan speculation ^_^

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