C-ute – “Chou WONDERFUL!6” Tracklist Released

3 02 2011

The tracklist for C-ute’s 6th album titled Chou WONDERFUL!6 has been released.


01 Chou Wonderful!

02 Midnight Temptation

03 Kiss me Aishiteru

04 Iza, Susume! Steady go!

05 rururururu

06 Wakaretakunai…

07 Aitai Lonely Christmas

08 Circle

09 Dance de Bakon!

10 3ban houmu 3 ryou me

11 Campus life ~Umarete kite Yokatta~

As I though, the 4 singles they released after their last album Shocking 5 are included in the album, but apart from that, I want to mention that Chou Wonderful! seems to be the theme song of the album.

The tracklist overall looks pretty promising since many songs are new and have interesting names (mostly Circle and Midnight Temptation), and we get to see many opposites in song titles so the theme stays a little bit blurry; mature or sweet?

Chou Wonderful! is already known as a group song, so that leaves 6 new songs that are still unknown, so hopefully they dedicated at least one solo song for each member which will be a huge step for C-ute, and even if they don’t, duets would be a really nice addition de the album.

Overall, the album looks pretty promising and hopefully previews will start being uploaded soon.

The release date is set for 3/23.

CD Journal page about product




One response

3 02 2011

This is already shaping up to be one of their better albums, especially after Shocking 5. (I bought it anyway, but it was still awful :P)

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