C-ute – “Kiss me Aishiteru” PV Released

2 02 2011

The PV for C-ute’s 15th single titled Kiss me Aishiteru has been released.

The PV overall has a single setting in it with only one outfits used which are the purple and gold outfits the girls wore while performing the song at concerts, and even though the single setting and outfit might makes some people disappointed by the PV, it’s overall really impressive.

It starts off with a scene of a television in the middle of the white room used for the whole video where we see C-ute’s PV being performed in it after zooming in and entering the TV. The PV seems to have a mini-story in it which takes place in the scene where each girl is sitting on a round red/white chair wearing headphones and holding a glass apple that seems to represent the temptation that they are trying to fight (probably representing love) which they eventually fall in at the end of the PV, and this scene is the only addition to the dance and close-up version which are both really breath-taking.

The dance throught the whole video is really impressive since it’s fierce and sexy, and the bright mature outfits combined with perfect hairstyles for each member like Mai’s volumized curls or Airi’s rock style make the theme really obvious and I have to admit that I like it very much since it gives this whole new idea of C-ute who used to have the cutest songs.

Probably, the only weird thing in this PV should be the constant zooming in and out that the camera does which is kind of confusing when watching the video, although it was nice at the beginning… Along with that, the noticeable scene is the one where we get to see C-ute’s shadows dancing in a room similar to the one used in Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game but in white, which is a strong point for this PV since the poses they do in this room adds to the sexiness and edgy side of the video.

Apart from that, there is not much to say since the outfits are similar and the setting is one, but overall, the PV is really attractive and the fair screen time and lines between each member is a nice change for C-ute, along with the smashing pose they all do at the end of the PV when we get out of the television.

Overall, the PV was really nice and a BIG change for C-ute so hopefully everyone can watch it and enjoy C-ute’s upcoming single.

The release date is set for 2/9.

Video uploaded by: ocutechannel




27 responses

2 02 2011

I’m not a big fan of c-ute (the only song/pv I like of theirs is Shochū Omimai Mōshiagemasu) but I really loved this song and pv! It’s a good change because it’s more mature as they are all growing older, their hairstyles all look amazing on them, and the shots where they are sitting in the red chair are really great! Loved it!

2 02 2011

Oh!… No-no-no!!
Not these outfits, the other ones were so much better!!
This isn’t C-ute at all, this is disapointing! T.T

2 02 2011

The other ones were just used as cover outfits like in Dance de Bakoon!…

2 02 2011

I thought I’d hate if the outfits were used in the PV but I REALLY Like this PV :D I can’t explain it, but It didn’t looks right using the white outfits in the Dance de Bakoon PV but I really LOVE this XD And It doesn’t looks slightly dirty like Dance de Bakoon XP

Line count:
Airi: 11
Chisa: 11
Maimi: 11
Mai: 4
Nakky: 4

Poor Maimai and Nakky T-T they looks stunning though

2 02 2011

i was actually glad that they didn’t use the cover outfits in the PV…
Well, i expected that it would be integrated poorly to the pv if it’s used… Just like dance de bakoon….
I lovw this pv… Eventhough there’s only ine outfit and not much anything else…. The scenes, the poses the girls ggives, and the close ups are much better than normal h!p pv… The editing are good… And it can make me watch the pv from the start to the very end without looking at any other pages….
(Which isn’t the case for other h!) recent releases…..)

2 02 2011

I’m glad Chisa got more parts and I can’t wait for the dance shot now :)

2 02 2011

Love it. I personally don’t think the cover outfits even fit the song, so I’m glad they aren’t in the PV.

Loved the zoomin bits and the camerawork (different than usual). Those headphones were pretty cool.

I’m guessing C-ute (& Berryz Kobo) will be taking on the more mature, sexy role in H!P what with Morning Musume adding new young members.

2 02 2011

Seeing how the camera work was done (which kept me interested and watching without boredom), the cover outfits really wouldn’t work. It’d be like another “Dance de Bakoon!” where it was, “Hey, let’s make these dresses that aren’t meant for dancing give this awkward feel on a green screen effect that doesn’t even work with them!”
Basically, I enjoyed the PV.

However, the glass apple…
While it most likely was referencing “Snow White” (ask if confused), I was thinking of VOCALOID’s “Romeo & Cinderella”… the mature feel of the song didn’t help XD

2 02 2011

I thought. Of the same song xD

2 02 2011

of course that song would come to mind it is one of the best XD

2 02 2011

that song = that makes 4 of us…lol

2 02 2011

Seems like they reused the Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game close up thingies except they painted them white and thought no one would notice.

2 02 2011
Fe Mota


2 02 2011

except Airi is the focus of things, as always… *sigh*
and Mai and Saki got lie NO lines.

2 02 2011

^I meant NO lines

2 02 2011

It’s nice to see Chisa get more lines.
But. But.
and my poor poor Nakky.
They get like NOTHING.

2 02 2011

Great song, video and outfits! Love Mai hair; Airi looks incredible♥♥♥

2 02 2011

I dont know if I like it.
The one thing that I do like is that I get a mature feel from them and this song. I thought they would be stuck in the cheezy cute era, losing aganist Berryz.

2 02 2011

it says on the description of the PV that the single releases on the 23rd…

2 02 2011

Yes sorry I wrote S/mileage’s release date for Shortcut instead ^.^’ I’ll change it!

2 02 2011

I absolutely love this song! And the PV is amazing! I thought I’d be sort of indifferent, but I really like C-ute recently! They’ve been REALLY good! I’m thinking of even buying this CD!! Lol
This is definitely in my top 3 favorite PVs/Songs by them <3

3 02 2011

I love this PV!!!!! the song is ok though….
Why does Nakky always get the least number of lines??
I mean its ok that some peops get more lines but 11 lines to 4 is a huge difference

Btw, who chooses the parts??

3 02 2011

Tsunku does :(

3 02 2011
HagittyLover :)

I love the song and PV. The PV looks so simple, but it fits the song and outfit.
Mai and Nakky got 4 lines?!?! Tsunku really needs to promote these 2 girls, if not then at least give them lines that are over 5 and another duet song :)

3 02 2011

Chissa leads~ (^-^-)

14 02 2011

I don’t know what all the fuss is over the purple and gold outfits… I didn’t love them at first, but since seeing the MV I think they work perfectly and match the song and dance…
I also LOVE THIS SONG! I’m so happy Chisato is now getting so much attention, she definetly deserves it! I’m so sick of those Airi-Maimi leads and such, so even if it’s just one other member having a lead it’s still a nice change…
And lol at the white wall things that were used in Momusu’s Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game. I know H!P sometimes has a habbit of reusing things, like with the sparkly backgroud for both S/mileage’s Yume Miru 15sai and Berryz’s Maji Bomber!, but lol… didn’t think they’d reuse it so quickly… :)
Sorry for the long post everyone~!

1 03 2011

:( maimai and nakky are being neglected again…they only have 4 REALLY short lines…i hope to see a promotion soon

nice to see chisato co-leading a song though :D

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