Berryz Koubou – “Heroine ni Narou ka!” Radio Preview Released

2 02 2011

A short radio preview for Berryz Koubou’s 25th single titled Heroine ni Narou ka! has been released.

The preview was released on Momo’s show and surprisingly we get to hear the preview without Momo talking over it (most of the previews released on her show feature her talking over the song), although there is a small introduction where Momo tells us a bit more about the song and from what I understand it has a cool and sexy theme, and after I heard the preview I agree completely.

The start of the song features an amazing techno instrumental somewhat similar to Dakishimite Dakishimite since both songs have a really catchy beat with unique themes, but the main difference between their 25th single and Dakishimite is that Heroine ni Narou ka! features a more lively sound that is simply amazing.

The vocals in the song are incredibly well done since we get to hear someone different during each line along with the effects of the song (the vocals after Risako’s line sound great), and I’m glad to see that everyone gets a few lines since each member of the group did a great job singing.

The preview is short but it gives a great idea of what the song will be like and while I really, really loved the song it’s somewhat hard to describe what the song is like since it’s one of the songs where you have to hear it to really appreciate it, so I encourage everyone to hear the preview.

Overall the song is simply one of the best I have heard from Berryz since it features an incredibly catchy intro along with great vocals, a more even distribution of lines, and a lively, well done synthesizer instrumental that combine to form a song that is hard to describe since it sounds amazing.

I really hope that UFA promotes this single well since this song (along with Mano’s Seishun no Serenade) is among the best I have heard from UFA in a long time, and while we will most likely not see that much promotion I do hope that fans buy their copies of the single and encourage others to do so since this single is simply too good and definitely deserves a top spot on Oricon.

The release date is set for 3/2.

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2 02 2011
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2 02 2011

I love it! and I’m quite thankful that Momo held back on her talking since this song is just so great!

2 02 2011

I actually am not so sure that I like this song. It does have that ParaPara feel, I like that. But it kinda reminds me of a song that would be playing in a cartoon just as the main character saves the day. Reminiscent of Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out For A Hero”. All I can imagine is Momoko getting her shoelace stuck on that tractor and all the girls are trying to help her get loose. Hopefully the PV will rid me of that thought…

2 02 2011

I loved the concert rip sooooo much, I listened to it too often and got used to the raw, live, kinda bad but not autotuned style of lyrics from the live concert. Now that the radio rip is out, I can’t help but notice that the lyrics are EXTREMELY autotuned! I can’t tell the difference between Miyabi, Risako, and Yurina. And the vocals sound kinda weak. Chinami sounds different. I like the song though. Maybe my mind will change when I see the actual Pv and can actually tell who is singing, lol

2 02 2011

Their voices aren’t THAT autotuned… I think you listened to the live version so much, and it’s what your used to. Trust me.

I couldn’t find the recording version for kaccho ee so I listened to the live version for months until I found the recording version, and let me tell you, I did not like it! It sounded so fake! The live version is so much better, but ONLY because I’m USED to it.

Risako sings first, then Miyabi, then Momoko (I think), then is that Maasa?, then Chinami I think, WHERE IS YURINA??? YEAH. As you can see, I’m not such an expert myself.

It’s too bad about Seishun Serenade. THAT SONG IS SO GOOD. One of the BEST from Mano. Dancing great. Singing great. Song FABULOUS and only How unfair!!!!

3 02 2011

I only think Miya and Kuma-chan sound simmilar. From what i can tell, It’s 3 lines to all except 2 to Kuma-chan and Miya. Or I think Maybe everyone but Kuma-chan got 3, and she got one line :/

3 02 2011

yeah, they do sound similar! But Miyabi’s is a little higher.

2 02 2011

After the live rip I thought I’d hate this song, but I actually really like it now!
It’s super catchy! <3

2 02 2011

okay… intro reminded me of vocaloid (vocaloid songs are effing good) but then when it got to the start of the lyrics, generic pop i guess… xD oh well, hope the mv is to my liking.

2 02 2011

I don’t like this, maybe if I hear the full song. I dont think that its very catchy at all… dunno. It seems calmer (?) compared to the recent singles.

3 02 2011

I love it.

I think it’s normal that a studio recording is less raw and more polished.

Much like how I think Morning Musume’s Resonant Blue is better in studio than live I think this song is better suited to live than studio.

Still going to buy it though

Too bad the preview is only part of the song, I wanted to hear Kumai’s “Heroine!”

3 02 2011

when Momo talks over the song it’s the 2nd song or the background music when she ends the show. this happens to be the first request song

3 02 2011

I really like the song :) Their vocals go really well with the song!
I hope that the MV rocks :)

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