Tanaka Reina’s e-Hello! DVD “attracted” Preview Released

1 02 2011

A preview for Tanaka Reina’s e-Hello! DVD titled attracted has been released on the official Morning Musume Youtube channel.

The preview features 3 different outfits: the white outfit we saw in the image on the e-Lineup site (white dress shirt and a cute bun hairstyle), a more youthful outfit with a red top, a black skirt, black boots with fur, and a cool looking wavy style with a black bow, and an outfit completely in black with a black top, black boots, and an elegant hairstyle.

For the most part the preview shows brief scenes for about a minute and a half where we get to see Reina posing, and while it might be short I really loved how she looked since she did an amazing job of posing and she looked simply incredible.

The start of the preview features Reina leaning against a white wall wearing the white outfit, after which we get to see her looking out the window, and playing in a playground, which all looked amazing since they gave the image of Reina being a cute normal student enjoying the day.

The section featuring Reina wearing the red top and the black miniskirt features her resting on a couch, looking at the camera through a fence, sitting near a wall, and cutely looking at the camera, and I have to admit that this was my favorite part of the video since the scene where Reina simply looks at the camera is one of the best I have seen.

The last section features Reina in the black elegant outfit, and compared to the previous sections there doesn’t seem to be that many scenes, just about 3 where we get to see her standing near a wall, sitting on some steps, and slowly sitting on a couch where she falls asleep and the preview ends.

Overall the preview is amazing and among the best I have seen from the series since we get to see Reina in many amazing outfits, and while the preview might be a bit short I was impressed with the minute and 20 seconds of footage we got to see since she looked really pretty.

Hopefully fans reserve their copy of this DVD.

The DVD will be up for preorder on the e-Lineup site until 2/6.

Video uploaded by: morningmusumechannel

e-Lineup Site For Reina’s DVD




3 responses

1 02 2011

The part at 0:30.. wow!

1 02 2011

omg, so cute! :OO ♥

4 02 2011

0:30 so elegant ……

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