Takahashi Ai’s 5th Solo DVD Announced

1 02 2011

Takahashi Ai’s 5th solo DVD, currently untitled, has been announced.

As expected a solo DVD for Ai-chan has been announced just a few weeks after her graduation announcement, which is a great chance for Ai-chan fans to enjoy a few more DVD and PB releases before her graduation at the end of the year, and while a title hasn’t been released it should still be an amazing release like always.

Since Ai-chan is among the most popular members we will probably get to see many more DVD and PB releases throughout the next few months (if they follow the same plan as Kamei), which is great for everyone since all of her PBs and DVDs are incredible.

Her PB hasn’t been confirmed but like most solo DVDs it’s just a matter of time until we get a confirmation, but for now I hope that Ai-chan fans can reserve a copy of this DVD.

The release date is set for 4/20.

Shinseido Site For Takahashi Ai’s 5th Solo DVD




2 responses

1 02 2011

Hopefully this will be a normal release and she’ll have one extra graduation DVD and PB <3

1 02 2011

I hope that she gets a graduation DVD, A PB to go with this, and a Final PB, or a Duo one with Gaki-san.

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