Morning Musume’s 45th Single Announced

1 02 2011

Morning Musume’s 45th single, currently untitled, has been announced.

There will be 5 versions: Regular, Limited A (+DVD), Limited B (+DVD), Limited C (+DVD), and Limited D (+DVD).

I’m really excited to see that the 45th single has finally been announced since this will be the 9th generation’s first single and the first single without Kamei, Jun, and Lin, and while we haven’t heard a preview or a title I am curious to see what kind of lineup and singers we will get to see this time (hopefully the 9th generation isn’t pushed to the back as chorus and we get to see something similar to Shabondama where a new member was moved to the main singers).

When I saw that there were going to be 5 editions for the single I was really impressed since that means that UFA predicts it will sell a bit more than usual, and while we will have to see what happens I hope we get to see that happen with the help of some unique promotion for the single and the new members along with the usual TV performances, radio shows, and magazine appearances.

Since this release will be the first for the 9th generation it will be interesting to see what kind of theme they use since the age difference between the newest generation and the rest of the group should be an interesting twist to their recent releases, although we will have to wait and see to find out what Tsunku has in mind.

Like most past releases fans will expect to hear an amazing single and realistically there will be some who expect the new generation to sing equal than or better than Kamei, Jun, and Lin and nothing less (although the usual “I want the new single to sound like my favorite single with my favorite member as main” will most likely happen as well), so hopefully UFA knows that expectations for this single are a bit higher than usual.

From what I have seen in the 9th generation there are many talented voices and dancers, so hopefully we get to see them sing a few lines and dance in the front a few times so that fans can get a good idea of what they are capable of doing.

A preview should be released soon (most likely near mid-February) so hopefully the song manages to show off everyone’s talent and has a great sound.

The release date is set for 3/23.

Shinseido Page For Morning Musume’s 45th Single – Regular

Shinseido Page For Morning Musume’s 45th Single – Limited A

Shinseido Page For Morning Musume’s 45th Single – Limited B

Shinseido Page For Morning Musume’s 45th Single – Limited C

Shinseido Page For Morning Musume’s 45th Single – Limited D




17 responses

1 02 2011

03/23? That fast? 0.0 Wow

I’m sure Riho will lead this ^_^ And new members usually got debut lines…

1 02 2011

Such a long wait for march :(
Hope that everyone gets equal lines specially to see what Zukki and Mizuki are capable of ^_^

1 02 2011

“…some who expect the new generation to sing equal than or better than Kamei, Jun, and Lin and nothing less”
I don’t think that is possible. At least not yet. Kamei was well trained and LinLin has beautiful strong voice which I didn’t hear from any of the new girl.
But they can be really good in their own way. I want them to have solos. Hope Tsunku will not dissapoint me.

1 02 2011

Most reasonable fans think the same as you do. =3
But there really are others that think, “They’re in H!P so they gotta sing good! I mean, even the /trainee/ group sings great!!12121!q1” They forget the fact that they were just common citizens not even two months ago; they probably didn’t watch the auditions, either. =_=;
Reasonably, however, Fukuchan will be able to sing just as well as the rest – not an Aichan or Gaki, but at least a Mittsi. Eripon and Zukkii both need to train more than Yasshii does, but not even she is on Mittsi’s level (judged solely on auditions, which is a pretty crappy method of judging).

Here’s to having debut solo’s that are more than one line or word! >D
(And not a[n] Aichan-/Reina-concentrated A-track)

1 02 2011

Yay!! I can’t wait this single *3*

1 02 2011

Riho, Kanon and Erina will do well in Morning Musume because they can sing.

Ahh Morning Musume:
1st Gen – They could all sing
2nd Gen – Good at singing
3rd Gen – Everyone seems to love Gotorin’s singing so..
4th Gen – Everyone could sing, or atleast had storng voices
5th Gen – Same as the above
6th Gen – They could all sing, with the exception of Sayu, who still had Idol material
7th Gen – Koha wasn’t that good at singing :/
8th Gen – Aika wasn’t very good(shame as she’s my fave after Koha left :/) Linlin and Junju were strong singers.
9th Gen – Riho, Kanon and Erina can all sing and I’m sure Fukuchan can too after being an egg for so long.

After the 6th 7th and 8th gen weren’t so strong it’s nice that they can all sing :D

1 02 2011

“After the 6th 7th and 8th gen weren’t so strong it’s nice that they can all sing :D”

Not particularly true.

Erina, though I have no ill regards for her, did very poorly in her audition. She even said so herself that she failed in both singing and dancing. (However, just like Sayumi, she has potential to become a great idol.)

And believe it or not, Mitsui’s actually has a pretty strong voice. However, it’s also rather nasally at times, but I’ve seen some really great live performances from her. She could still use some more vocal training, but I think she has a really nice voice. She did really well on her debut single, “Egao YES Nude” and in their live performance of “HOW DO YOU LIKE JAPAN?” at their 2010 Spring Concert. :)

But I totally agree. The 9th Gen. will do well in Morning Musume. I’ll still miss Eri, JunJun, and LinLin dearly, but I can’t wait for their debut!

1 02 2011

When I read this post I was like “YAYY!!!” i have literally been waiting for the moment of this announcement and now I’m very excited :)
I can’t wait to see the ninth generation in action!!
This is going to be amazing.
I don’t know what the sound is going to be like, but it’s going to be soo good.
I predict that Fuku chan will get a decent amount of lines because she’s been an egg for soo long and I really think the ninth generation will do good :)
I predict good line arrangement for each of the girls!
I don’t see a reina/ai dominent thing happening because Ai is son graduating. I think that ship has sailed and now tsunku is going to try to promote the whole group :)

1 02 2011

Because Riho was the one that most people were excited for, and because she’s in the middle of her row although it isn’t that important, I can see her in a promising spot for this single~
And Zukii has a brilliant smile which is important for momusu!

I’m really excited and I’ve been waiting for this announcement (like many others!) I don’t expect the new gen to sound like anyone else but they have their own special radiance so I think one way or another I’ll like this new single =D

1 02 2011

yay~ im looking forward to this .. And i hope everyone get lines (at least one line) ..

1 02 2011
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1 02 2011


2 02 2011


2 02 2011

cool cant wait…but pliz tsunku dont realease a song that fully vocal from aichan and reina, though i like aichan….sometimes less is better….that why my favourite is sayu….wondering when tsunku can produce type of song like during golden era MM….

2 02 2011

I excited to see Fuku-chan and Riho!!
Fuku-chan did awesome in Shugo Chara Egg
and Riho just became an instant favourite…..probs cos she really stood out in the auditions :D

3 02 2011

They just announced the title of the new song coming out, It’s “Maji desu ka Suka”

3 02 2011

Thank you I’m doing the post right now and it should be up soon ^_^

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