Buono-“JUICY HE@RT” Full PV Released

1 02 2011

The full PV for “JUICY HE@RT” has been released on Buono’s Youtube Channel.

The PV starts off with Buono on a boat having a some sort of lunch and there are various scenes of them singing at the front of the boat. The scene then switches to a sort of historic looking hotel and it shows the girls exiting from some real expensive and fancy looking cars. Then later there are a few shots of them singing together in a hotel room.

Buono is known for having dance shots in their PVs and unfortunately this one doesn’t feature a dance shot either, which I’m quite surprised by. If “Zassou no Uta” didn’t have a dance shot I was sort of hoping this one would have it but it doesn’t, regardless of that I really like the song.

JUICY HE@RT follows the pattern to many of their old songs which has a instrumental break and when this song is performed live I can see them doing a dance at that break. They sing together during most of the song but I love their voices as a group and individually.

This PV also features Buono in some different outfits and I personally like these outfits more than the ones featured in Zassou no Uta. I like that these outfits show off their youth more and Buono’s image is like a punk-pop image and these outfits really represent that.

Overall I’m very happy that they decided to do a PV for JUICY HE@RT and I hope that a PV for Runaway Train is also released.

Hopefully all fans can support Buono and reserve a copy.

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1 02 2011
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1 02 2011

This made my day!!!
Is it possible that I like it more then rhe main PV??? :O
It’s weird to see the whole song performed in group lines but that was what made it special!

2 02 2011

loved miyabi’s union jack shirt. I want it!

2 02 2011

This is much better than Zassou no Uta’s PV!!
I’m so happy they made this<3

2 02 2011

Do they usually have PVs for b-sides? Or just the main single?

2 02 2011

They actually very rarely do so (usually if they want to do something similar, it’s 2 PVs for the main song) but I guess since there is 3 songs on the single, they wanted to promote Buono! well for their big comeback :)

2 02 2011

This is waaay better than Zassou no uta. More catchy and a better PV :D

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