Takahashi Ai and Tanaka Reina Released A Song On Itunes For “Hello Cover”

27 01 2011

Takahashi Ai and Tanaka Reina released 1 cover song on Itunes for the “Hello Cover” Series.

Takahashi Ai released “Koi wo Shichaimashita” which is a cover of Tanpopo’s song and Tanaka Reina released “Manatsu no Kousen” which is a cover of Morning Musume’s 5th single.

Both of them are quite such skilled singers so I’m sure they did excellent on it.

Hopefully all fans are able to support both of them and download a copy.

Ai’s Itunes Page

Reina’s Itunes Page



4 responses

27 01 2011

… Um, didn’t you just say that it was boring that Risa released the same songs as Eri? Both “Koi wo Shichaimashita” and “Manatsu no Kousen” were done by both Eri and Risa as well…

Though, I’m partial to anything by Aichan. I quite enjoyed her version of “Koi wo Shichaimashita”. I’m impatiently awaiting her solo version of “Kosui”. And she better have a solo version of that song. XD

27 01 2011

All I read was Risa is covering the same song as Eri and I didn’t even look at the setlist >.< so I missed that part… But i really wish they would let them cover some different songs.

27 01 2011

I hope Ai can release a bunch of songs before her graduation~

27 01 2011

it’s amazing!!! my fave two Momusu members (until the 9th’s generation Riho has coming),are realising covers!!!!Am I dreaming?XD

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