New Morning Musume Group Profile Picture

27 01 2011

The first group profile picture with the 9th generation members is now updated on H!P’s official website.

The picture is really amazing to say the least since everyone looks amazing on it, and it seems that they lined up members by age so Mizuki got to be next to Aika and Sayumi in the 2nd row while Kanon, Riho and Erina are at the bottom row.

They are all wearing really cute outfits, and even though Ai and Reina’s bright outfits and accessories may distract a bit from all of the other members since they are wearing black and white tones, the picture is still a great way to introduce the members to fans and it’s amazing to see how well the girls fit with the rest of the members.

We don’t know if this picture is for an upcoming single or if it’s just promotionnal for the Kyuukies, but still it’s a really impressive photo for everyone and a wonderful first group picture for the new Morning Musume lineup.

H!P official Morning Musume page




27 responses

27 01 2011

Not usually a huge fan of hers, but man Aika looks awesome on this photo.

Let’s enjoy the new 9-nin as long as we can.

27 01 2011

I love this picture!!!! everyone is in it!!!!=3
but I still don’t know why they were putting these bright acessories on Reina,she is very different from the rest group….I’m not trying to be mean(since Reina was my fave Momusu memeber until Riho has coming X3!!! ),but she is sooo bright!XD
I still think the newcomers look great !:X

27 01 2011

I love it!! The new members fit and blend in perfectly with the rest of the group.

27 01 2011

i hate that risa looks awful in this photo…. She is my favourite member, and there’s no doubt that she is really pretty (if she got the right hair style)… And she looks undernourished here… Just like in the phase between nanchatte and kimagure… I hpe she gain a bit weight soon….
The other girls are pretty tho…. The kyukies doesn’t look out of place with the more expereinced girls…
But aika is the prettiest here i think… She really deserve the central spot in thus group photo….

28 01 2011

Undernourished? I really can’t see what you mean. She looks like she’s getting thicker again in my eyes. Gawd, save this girl from herself someone must.

27 01 2011

Wow um.. Ai kinda stands out a lot in this pic with he outfit.
Not so much Reina because she’s wearing black and white like some of the others but she does stand out a bit too. I’m praying this is not for a new single.
The others look great, but for some reason, I don’t like how Kanon looks in this picture :/

27 01 2011

Perhaps it’s due to Zukkii’s charm point being her bright smile (teeth showing)? All members have their mouths closed; this is, at least according to my memory, her first photo smile without her teeth showing. =3


I would die happy were Sayumin wearing slacks <3
I adore her and Eripon's smiles the best~

27 01 2011

That may be true but something besides that just seems off. I think it just might be the way she was positioned.

27 01 2011

Gorgeous pic. <3 Though I don't think it's by age order since Reina is younger than Sayu, thus she would be in the middle row next to Aika.

27 01 2011

Then by generation it must be…

27 01 2011

I like this picture, but I hope it’s not for the new single. Ai-chan stands out too much. I know shes graduating and all, but shes been the main focus for a long time. :( The black, gray, and white theme also reminds me of Buono!, which sucks because that was kinda “their theme”.

Also, I don’t think the line up goes by age, because if it did Ai-chan would come before Gaki. I think it goes by generation: Niigaki, Ai-chan (5th gen), Reina, Sayumi (6th gen), Aika (8th gen) then Mizuki, Erina, Riho, Kanon (9th gen).

27 01 2011

I think they meant the 9th gen were lined up by age not the entire Morning Musume. Though I’d like to see a new formation instead of seeing the 9member block they’ve been using..

27 01 2011

Yes i was only talking about 9ki members thanks for clearing it out ^_^

8 02 2011

Aha, sorry! I must have read the post wrong, maybe? My apoloagies. :D

28 01 2011

Damn right you are. They can learn from Girl’s Generation. There are 9 of them, too, and they can make like a thousand variation with different center every time.

27 01 2011

If they had lined them up by age, shouldn’t Sayumi then be in the upper row?

Aika looks impressing/impressive, especially with that hairstyle :). Sayu and Mizuki also look good beside her, so I would say that this is my favourite row :).

Risas hairstyle is a complete desaster – but it had been like this since the end of 2009/the beginning of 2010. What went wrong with her hair? I loved the hairstyle that she had until the Elder Club Graduation.

All in all everybody looks so pretty and I like especially the contrast between black-white and the outfits with red in them.

27 01 2011

I like her more with long hair but I don’t think short hair kills her completely… I think it’s the way they style it that makes her a disaster… If she has like a nice looking hat on (like in the Fashionable stage play) she wouldn’t be that bad in it..

27 01 2011

Until the Elder Club graduation meaning you didn’t like her hair in that concert or you did? Because I watch Momusu’s performances in that concert over and over just for Risa’s hair. xD

I would absolutely die of happiness if they glued her Fashionable hat on her head until it grows out again. ^o^

27 01 2011


Moving on…

Ai-chan Reaaally stands out :) and Reina’s eyes POP o.o Gaki-san’s hair really makes her head looks a funny shape D: Fukuchhan looks stunning and same for Mittsi and Sayu(I acctually think the middle row look the best) Ikutan and Zukii look so kawaii >.< Riho looks less cute then normal here D: But still cute.


27 01 2011

The picture looks great (except for Gaki, she unfortunately doesn’t look too good here, and that haircut looks awful on her). It’s awesome to see the whole group together in an official picture like this! Sayu must be mad that she doesn’t stand out as much anymore, not being the only one with black hair. XD

I don’t think it’s by age, though. Reina is actually closer to Aika’s age than Sayu is, so at the very least, their places would be switched, and Ai would be first, rather than Gaki.

27 01 2011

You know what, this is going to be Aika’s year. At the begining of ’10 people were saying it was Chisa’s year. It was xD so I’m deciding that this is Aika’s year.

27 01 2011

Doesnt Ai look.. SAD?
So does Gaki… D;

Interesting picture overall…

I doubt its for a new single..

27 01 2011

this is defss aika’s year.
k, soo am i the only 1 who loves gaki’s hair? must be.
i think everyone looks stunning :)
but the best is aika, i think.
she’s never stood out this much b4!!

28 01 2011

Sorry for posting twice… but i think that i just realized something
aika i think is trying 2 show a more mature image recently because realistically she’s in morning musume for a long time unlike jun/lin. Sayumi reina are already 21. They’ll graduate within the next couple of years leaving aika as leader.
realistically i think aika will eventually be leader and she’s juss realizing that now?

29 01 2011
New Morning Musume Line-Up Has Profile Pic « International Wota

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25 02 2011

Sorry but haven’t the individual pictures been posted yet?

25 02 2011

I just posted about them, please check it out ^o^

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