Kaori Iida Holding 2 Small Lives In February

27 01 2011

Kaori Iida announced on her blog that she will be holding 2 small lives in February.

She said that she would be performing love songs at Vinoteca Stage and they will be love themed for Valentine’s Day. Also because she’s performing in a restaraunt fans can enjoy food and drinks during the show which seems like the shows Ai and Gaki and the Rokkies have put on in the past (Summer Premium Dinner Show).

Kaori will be doing 2 shows on 2 days, hopefully all fans will get a chance to see it.

The event dates will be on 2/8 and 2/14.

Kaori’s Blog

Tokyo Hive Article





4 responses

27 01 2011

Shock… When i read the topic title, I thought she would be having baby twins instead!

27 01 2011

Lmao!! I just saw her name and read it, didn’t even bother reading the title.
But if she were having twins, I’d be sooo happy for her, since her other baby died… Which is really sad. She’d be a wonderful mom!! And she was so excited, too… She said in an interview once that all she wants is to be a mom.

27 01 2011

She’s still young, she can have kids! :)
I think she’d be a fantastic mom

28 01 2011
Dave Snow

I, too, read in the title that she was having TWINS! Shock!

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