C-ute – “Kiss Me Aishiteru” LQ Covers Released

27 01 2011

LQ covers for C-ute’s 15th single titled Kiss Me Aishiteru have been released on their official discography page.

The covers are as small as we usually get to see them when they are only released ont he discography page, but still we can have a pretty clear idea about the general theme and the look of each cover, and overall, I have to say that the happy, bright, colorful theme is impressive.

The Regular edition cover is a shot of all the girls in a line making cute poses while holding colored hula-hoops, and even though the setting looks a bit too posy with the neutral pink floor and background, it’s still looks great for a regular edition cover, although we don’t get to see the details yet.

The Limited A cover is from far, already my favorite since it has C-ute members cuddling up in a really soft way in an outside garden setting, and the greenery behind them along with the beautiful sunlight makes this cover really eye-catching, and I’m sure It’ll look better when we see it closely.

The Limited B edition is kind of surprising since apart the amazing shots from each member taken outdoors for Nakky, and indoors for the others (although it’s still a real indoor setting unlike the regular cover) with great light and cute expressions (Mai and Nakky’s appear more in the LQ), the surprising thing is that Chisato gets a full- body picture that is usually taken by Maimi or Airi, and I’m really happy to see that they focused a little bit more on her since she has for the first time more lines.

Overall, all of the covers have a really bright theme and the girls are wearing the second outfits just like in Dance de Bakoon! (even though I hope they appear more in the PV then in Dance de Bakoon!), and the simple pink title goes well with each cover, although I’ll give a more detailled opinion when HQ is out.

The release date is set for 2/23.

H!P’s official discography page for C-ute




3 responses

27 01 2011

This covers are AWESOME!:X
Chisato looks verry pretty,and I am happy that the B cover is focusing on her :)

27 01 2011

Limited B, why?! Q_Q
I really hate A-tracks and covers giving a single member ridiculous amounts of screentime/lines… so, despite Chisa being my fave, Limited B is my least fave of the covers which sucks even worse since I find the photos the best. (Such covers, despite the contents, are a real turn-off) =\

If I were to buy this single (as I most likely won’t), I’d probably go with Regular. Not just because it’s [usually] cheaper, but because Mai’s and Chisa’s poses are the best; I can also see the attires better <3

27 01 2011

I bought the 3 version…..ºC-ute is really awesome ^^ (i bought it before i saw the covers xD)

LE B is my favourite..i don´t know why (xD)….i love Nakky´s pose in LE B too

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