Buono’s Single V Edition Cover Released

27 01 2011

The cover for Buono’s Single V Edition of their 11th single has been released.

This cover is very simple compared to the other ones since they’re on a white background. Though with the white background there seems to be a shadow on Momo’s head and it makes it look like the shadow is part of her outfit and it makes just a dark spot around her head.

Other than that that there’s really nothing much about this cover.

Hopefully all fans buy a copy.

The release date is set for 2/23.

Buono’s Discography Page




6 responses

27 01 2011

I absolutely love how Miya looks in this.

27 01 2011

Love the cover! Do you know what will be on the Single V? Like, a dance shot maybe??

27 01 2011

Sorry I don’t know what will be included on the Single V, there wasn’t really a dance shot in the PV but maybe the Single V will have it so we’ll see when it’s released

28 01 2011

do you mean 2nd March or 3rd Febryary?XD (srry if I made a mistake,I’m not very good at english…)

28 01 2011

The release date will be on February 23rd ^_^

29 01 2011

sorry,I missed a number XD

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