Kikkawa Yuu’s 1st Single Announced

26 01 2011

The first single for Kikkawa Yuu titled Kikkake wa YOU! has been announced.

It’s the most surprising news today since this news confirms her official debut as a H!P soloist, and the announcement is really an awesome news for all of her fans, and to see that she is getting an official single is amazing.

The single will be available in 4 versions, Regular, Limited A, B and C and each limited edition will feature a different B-side from the 3 different songs she performed as the opening act for H!P’s 2011 winter concert tour.


1. Kikkake wa YOU!
2. Kikkake wa YOU! REMIX
3. Kikkake wa YOU! (Instrumental)

Limited A
1. Kikkake wa YOU!
2. Sayonara Namida
3. Kikkake wa YOU! (Instrumental)
4. Sayonara Namida (Instrumental)

Limited B
1. Kikkake wa YOU!
2. Candy Pop
3. Kikkake wa YOU! (Instrumental)
4. Candy Pop (Instrumental)

Limited C
1. Kikkake wa YOU!
2. Fuyuzora Hanabi
3. Kikkake wa YOU! (Instrumental)
4. Fuyuzora Hanabi (Instrumental)

Preview of the 3 B-sides were already revealed in radio rips taken form the concert, so fans may have an idea of what to expect to know which ediditon to pick, but the main song Kikkake wa YOU! seems really intreeguing since they are playing on words making her name sound “YOU” to fit the title and her artist name seems to go by Kikkawa You.

Along with the announcement, a very suprising news is that she will be having a movie from the same name that has this song as a theme song, and even though we have no idea what the movie will be about (her career most probably), it’ll be amazing to get a preview soon since along with her debut, we’ll get to see her acting performance.

Overall, I’m really excited for Kikka to see her career finally starting so well and I can’t wait to get a preview from the main song since Kikka wont’ disappoint us.

The release date is set for 3/30.

H!P official page about product




28 responses

26 01 2011

She’s come a long way since participating in the 8th gen auditions.

So H!P has two soloists again? It’s been a while…

26 01 2011

Wow! Now there are two soloists, I’m happy!!
I love Mano, I’ve liked all of the past H!P soloists too (especially Ayaya), I’m sure I’ll love Yuu too~

Now Mano has to work hard so she can stay in line with Yuu because Yuu has a good voice and a ton of fans already. Some people don’t like Mano because they think she’s boring and her singing isn’t the best. But Mano is improving. With each single she get’s better and better and better. it won’t be long before haters recognize that she has talent and that she deserves to be an H!P soloist.

26 01 2011

Haha :D Ayaya is my fave too 8D

For some reason…when Mano was announced, I didn’t feel she would go anywhere, and he sales are evidently getting lower. I feel completely opposite when I hear Yuu’s voice. I can seeher being as popular as YUI xD Or AYU(Hamasaki) lol

26 01 2011

Why didn’t you think she’d go any where? I’m pretty sure you thought she couldn’t go anywhere because she wasn’t good at singing. Have you stopped, even once, to take a look at one of her singles? or a song off an album? Can you even see how far she’s come since her debut? How hard she’s been working these past years. Her past single on youtube has 2,157 views and not even 2 pages of comments. The single that she just released yesterday has 35,106 views and has seven pages of comments. She has much more support from fans then your giving her credit for. She needs to step it up or Yuu will totally out shine her.

26 01 2011

Are you basing the video views and comments on her YT account? If so, then you’re being pretty ignorant of the fact that “Seishun no Serenade” was the first brand new PV that was uploaded. Before then, they were released through various YT and other video-hosting sites – add together all videos that were removed and are still up (per single), and then you can “compare”, but that’s still being ignorant. Online is online, and millions of people return to a video to watch it (using the same account or no); and many fans still don’t know that ManoEri has her own YT.
Sales is the only way to really judge the support fans give her, just like the other performers in the world.

27 01 2011

True, it’s pretty stupid to use youtube views as a way to determine popularity, but there’s no denying that there’s a HUGE difference of views and comments compared to her last video uploaded. Why don’t fans know she has a yt channel? search her name in yt, her channel doesn’t come up. But click on a random video and to the side her channel will eventually come up.

But who even cares about that?
I’m upset because people you said she wouldn’t go anywhere. Your wrong about that, and your whole post read “Mano doesn’t deserve to be a HP soloist. She should just stop singing. Yuu will surpass her anyway.”

I know that’s not what you said, but the tone and choice of your words implies it. You definitely think she’s no good.
The best singer? definitely not. But she is a person who improves every single time she dances and sings. You don’t have to like her, you can even hate her all you want. But please recognize her potential.

27 01 2011

LOL, you’re yelling at the wrong person XD
I just wanted to point-out your poor “proof” (which still isn’t valid, despite your attempt to reword it).

Now, for my personal view on ManoEri:
I hate her recording vocals, but I adore her Live vocals.
That’s pretty much my view on her present self~ :D

Her first impression was… really not pleasant. Compared to Kikka (actually, this was obvious before having someone to compare), ManoEri clearly needed more practice before debuting – a bad first impression never ends. I do enjoy hearing her improvements with each single and cringe every time I hear “Mano Piano” from the Indies recording; the album recording is far more pleasing. XD
But I am glad that she did not remain at the level of her debut. I’d never accept her as a soloist had she not shown (and still shows) rapid improvement.

27 01 2011

Your right. Sorry for my tone. I tend to get a huge temper over the internet and I get really defensive.
I just haven’t accepted that maybe Mano’s carrier as a soloist might end or slow because of Yuu. But, that’s not Yuu’s fault at all.
I also agree with you that Mano should of practiced a bit more or stayed an egg before becoming a soloist. Yeah, I cringe at that “aitai yo” part in mano piano too. I’m sure everybody does *__*

27 01 2011

I don’t think ManoEri’s soloist career will end anytime soon. She’s still young and has a pretty solid fanbase (though not a solid sale rate).
She also stars and sings a theme in various dramas, so even were her singing career to slow… I’d say it was due to acting moreso than Kikka. But she’ll most likely continue singing themes for what she stars in, so there’s very little chance of her ceasing being a soloist.
Her vocal ability is still improving, so I’m sure she’ll get more fans as she progresses. Or at least more sales while she continues to act. =3

(LOL, I fail at being concise)

28 01 2011

How long to H!P soloists actually last? I know that Mano is 19, is there a age limit to being a soloist. I mean, when exactly do you “quit?” or “graduate” as they call it.

27 02 2011

Wow :O I missed a long Convo xD and I like Mano! I didn’t mean anything bad >.< Basing off of view is totally the opposite. I mean Chisa, got 1mlion veiws for Dance de Bakoon! But not that many sale D: Why are fans like that? I ALWAYS preorder at least one version of the CD. Sad my buys don't count on the chart;

27 01 2011

I agree with you. Although I’m really not a big fan of ballads, i think her voice has become absolutely cute and really good.
She is the only one who made me sing a ballad.
I think its a shame that the sales are sinking lower and lower.
I really would wish people could see her with the eyes we do.

I’m very glad that H!P has now 2 soloists and I’m very excited for that fact.
I really wondered how long it would take until H!P has two soloists.
And now it’s even my favourite egg who is taking that spot.
My feelings right now are just made out of pure happiness ^_^

26 01 2011


oh each version got different songs on it.. :o

26 01 2011

I’m so excited!
On another note, I have a question. Did anyone else look at Mano Erina’s new single on iTunes yet? Why in the world does it say the artist is Mano Erina & Mano Erina.

27 01 2011

i noticed that too and i’m not quite sure myself. It was probably just a typo

26 01 2011
Dave Snow

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26 01 2011

YES! I am SO EXCITED. It was a smart move, too, having all three b-sides be on different limited editions. It will help increase sales. I wasj ust talking to someone about this idea, and that MM should do this for their next single. It seemed to work with Nanchatte Renai (as well as the fact that they promoted it well).

I really hope Yuu becomes popular! Having H!P have an extremely popular soloist again like Aya would be AMAZING! Her voice definitely is amazing, and her three songs are awesome! I can’t believe they are going to be B-Sides, because they are so amazing. That means Kikkake wa YOU! will have to be even more awesome.

I already know that Yuu’s career is off to an excellent start. And I had no idea about the movie! This is so exciting! I wonder if it will be a documentary of her career?

I can’t wait until March 30th. <3333

26 01 2011

Mwahahahah, instrumentals >D

26 01 2011

For some reason, I’ve never been all that crazy about any of H!P’s soloists but I kind of like the idea of them having more than one again! It calls to mind the days of GAM and Gomattou and all that. So I’m looking forward to this…mobekimasuka?

26 01 2011

“even though we have no idea what the movie will be about (her career most probably)”

You’re right.~ The movie is a documentary about her road to debut. :D There’s a preview version of it on YouTube (the UJMOVIE channel), and I think the song in the background might be “Kikkake wa YOU!”.

26 01 2011

I’ve just seen it but i wasn’t able to update the post yet…
It’ll be done soon and thank you for the info ^o^

26 01 2011

Yayyy!!! I’m soo excited for her!!!!
She has an incrediable voice and i know she’ll go somewhere with it!!
Yay I’m soo happy for her :)
I’m defss following her and I’m really excited for her first single
I guess I’m now following 3 H!P groups (Morning Musume, S/mileage, and her!!) I would say I follow Berryz and C-ute, but I don’t really. I like some of their songs, but i don’t like them as much.

26 01 2011

I’ve really liked Kikka since the 8th gen auditions, and I absolutely love her voice. I’m excited that she’s finally going to be releasing her own music! I hate Milky Way’s stuff (WAY too Koharu-heavy for my tastes), but I find myself listening to it all the time anyway just for Kikka’s great voice. Finally, H!P will again have a soloist that I actually enjoy listening to. I’m just hoping her sales are good.

26 01 2011
Solo Kazuki

New UFA unit name? You & Ai.

But seriously, maybe it sounds weird, but seeing how UFA try to promote her is good sign for graduation of Ai Takahashi. So i hope for succesful promotion of Kikkawa. Both for her good, and also for seeing how good UFA can promote graduating Takahashi.

26 01 2011

I don’t know if I’ll have money but if possible, I want to support her. H!P need a new solist with a good career and doing well in the charts

26 01 2011

Hope she’ll be a great rival of Mano-chan~ :D

28 01 2011

I have pre-ordered every version of her debut and I am really excited for her career, she ticks every single box and then some, she’ll be amazing, but we all knew that, because she’s Kikka

29 01 2011
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