Wada Ayaka’s First PB Announced

25 01 2011

Wada Ayaka’s 1st PB, currently untitled, has been announced.

After many speculations and fears from fans who thought that her first solo DVD will not be accompanied with a PB, I’m sure it’s a relief to all to know that indeed there is a PB addition along the DVD release.

Although not much information is out now, it’s always great to see that the news has been confirmed since fans will probably want to pre-order it soon to support Ayaka and have an idea about what she’s capable of.

It’s not been assured yet, but since Yuuka was the first member to get a solo release, followed by Ayaka, Kanon and Saki probably should be next since they are the last 2 active H!P member (from the mobekimasu groups) to not have any solo release until now, so hopefully an announcement about a solo release from those last two members will be out soon.

I encourage all Ayaka fans to preorder a copy of the PB since it will definitly be a great release.

The release date is set for 2/25.

Amazon page about product




4 responses

25 01 2011

Aw, that’s awesome… But just one question… What is a “mobeikmasu” group? Is it a “main” group?

25 01 2011

mo – momosu
be – berryz kb
ki – kyuto (c-ute)
ma – mano erina
su – sumaireji (s/mileage)


25 01 2011

Oh my gosh. I never noticed that.
I feel kinda dumb now xD

26 01 2011

So do I xD



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