New Profile Pictures For C-ute

25 01 2011

H!P’s official website has been updated with profile pictures for C-ute’s 15th single titled Kiss Me Aishiteru.


The outfits uploaded on their official page are really different from their previous gold and purple outfits used for the song in the concerts, and I’m really happy to see those outfits because even if they don’t have the same mature feeling to them, it means that there will be 2 different outfits in the PV and hopefully those will be used for the covers too.

To talk about the outfits, they have a general theme which is casual and cool, with many flowery and soft patterns that create a sort of princess-y and spring feeling: from Maimi’s hat, Airi’s pink outfit, Nakky’s hairstyle, Chisato’s cute outfit to Maimai’s soft hair accessory.

Maimi is wearing a wide white blouse with a hight-waisted skirt that has a really nice pattern on it, along with a cute colorful necklace and a summery hat, and her brown boots add to the unique style. Her hair is gently curled on the tips and I have to say that she looks really soft in this whole outfit.

Airi has the most “pink” outfit of them all (kind of like Mai’s outfit in Aitai); she has a wide pink long-sleeved shirt with a soft yellow (?) skirt, and the cute thing should be her soft white accessories from a nice flower necklace and hair accessories that complement her side braid, as well as her boots that have a different tone from her whole outfit.

Nakky’s whole look is really princessy since her long curled waves give her a unique royal look, her cute flower crown on her head adds to the cuteness, her cute pose is really impressive and judging from the close-up only, we could have thought that she was wearing a dress, although it seems that she is wearing a layered top with matching shorts, along with short white socks and a pair of brown sandals.

Chisato’s style is really cool with a cute side braid tied by a yellow flower, and she is wearing a really unique wide top with a yellow one underneath, along with a really high-waisted skirt full of little colorful flowers, and her simple accessorising with a soft golden necklace and the brown boots set her apart from the others and it’s great to see that she gets to wear girlish styles more often.

Mai’s style has to be one of the most impressive since it consists of a white blouse that she is wearing off-shoulder matched with a flower-patterned skirt similiar to Chisato’s but that has many more ruffles and fabric underneath, and her brown belt makes the whole look special. The only weird thing should be her boots since they gave her black heavy boots instead of some soft brown ones like the others…

Overall, the whole looks may look a little less mature then the other ones but they still do great to fit the theme and the similar fabrics and patterns used for the girls really make these outfits special.

The release date is set for 2/23.

H!P official C-ute page




12 responses

25 01 2011

ugh…. While chisato’s outfit style is great, i think it doesn’t complement her body well…. In the full body shot, all her body proportion are become so obscure (and her pose isn’t flattering either)…. She looks like she has a really long and lean upper body but heavy and wide lower body…..
It’s really a big mistake…..
The outfit overall are gorgeous though…. C-ute has always got the more prettier outfit than other h!p groups… (with the exception of campus life ( the colour and fabric is just a no no) and bye bye bye i think…)I’m waiting for the time they give this kind of outfits to momusu, their outfits has always been so costumy….

25 01 2011

Aw, no jailbait clothes XD
I’d prefer them to wear these outfits during the concert performances… Mainly ’cause it’s not “jailbait” and doesn’t make it awkward watching them perform. XP
I hope they get incorporated well into the PV (same with the dance outfits); I quite like C-ute having two different outfits per single… though “Dance de Bakoon!”‘s cover outfits were incorporated poorly. >,>

25 01 2011

Maimai looks lovely :) I love her outfit and Chisa’s too althoug I’m not sure it suits her. Nakky kawaii^^ Airi’s outfit is a bit plain and I’m not feelig Maimi’s :(

25 01 2011

LOVE the casual style..
chisas outfits is awesome :o
like hers most..
dunnow why people are complaining bout her outfits,,,
it suits her well

the others looks awesome as well :D

26 01 2011

Not complaining. Just saying I don’t think It suits her.

25 01 2011

The first person I noticed was Saki..


I THINK IM INLOVE!! -is a girl- xD

25 01 2011

I think Mai looks georgous!!!
And her outfit is adorable
I have 2 buy something similar 2 that because it’s just sooo cute!
Mm… wear that outfit to my school’s athletic banquet that would look awesomeee :)

25 01 2011

Oh, Airi looks more beautiful than ever!

25 01 2011

Chisa looks gorgeous in the group pic, but Nakky is forever number 1 :))

25 01 2011

once again, random outfits. (like in dance de bakoon)
this time though, i hope theyre used in the covers since those purple and gold outfits didn’t really feel like “cover outfits”
those felt a lot more like stage costumes.

27 01 2011

I really love Airi’s outfit!:X
she remind’s me of a very cute doll :) and of course,Nakky is soo cute,she really looks like a princess!:D
Maimi-country girl
Airi-french doll
Nakky-soft princess
Chisa-a fashioned country girl
Mai-a nice flower lady :)
I’m not trying to make fun of them,this is what I think of their outfits XD
the only thing that pisses me off is the title of the song….It’s so bad to waste such nice and creative outfits with a love song!D:

3 02 2011
HagittyLover :)

Mai looks so grown up now :)

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