Tsugunaga Momoko – “Momo Play” Preview Released

24 01 2011

A preview for Tsugunaga Momoko’s e-Hello DVD titled Momo Play has been released.

The preview features Momo in two outfits: a pink maid dress and a black gothic lolita outfit (which we already saw in the photo preview on the site), and while it is relatively short and only contains two outfits I loved the many poses Momo did and how she stayed in character during the video.

The start of the video features Momo putting her hand on a table with her pinky up, after which she appears in her maid outfit and poses for the camera, which was an interesting and unique way of showing off Momo and her unique pinky pose, and while the rest of the maid scene is the normal “stare at the camera and smile” scenes I loved the way Momo looked in all of her shots.

The next outfit, the gothic lolita dress, was an interesting change since from the start of the scene Momo looks a bit more serious than usual and at the end of the scene she even pushes the camera back, which seems to fit in with the character apart from looking cool and cute.

After the two scenes the preview ends with “and more” which seems to suggest that we will see more outfits for Momo in the full DVD although we will have to wait until the DVDs are sent out to those who preordered them to find out exactly how many more outfits appear and in what settings.

Hopefully Momo fans can watch the preview and if possible reserve their copy of the DVD soon since it seems like this DVD will be another amazing Momo release.

The DVD is up for reserve from now until 1/30 at e-lineup.

Video uploaded by: berryzchannel



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25 01 2011
New Momoko Video Preview Is More Of The Same « International Wota

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25 01 2011

I don’t really enjoy solo DVD’s, or PB’s (too much bikini time), but that “and /more/”-part made me laugh. XD

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