Takahashi Ai Starring In A Musical Titled “Dance of the Vampire”

24 01 2011

Takahashi Ai will be the main heroine starring in a musical titled Dance of the Vampire. It will be her first activity after she graduates.

The news is really surprising since we have just got the news about her starring in a drama for Valentine, and to see that her first after-graduation activity has already been planned since it means that she is set on the right track to keep her career multi-purpose through acting, singing and performing on stage.

In the musical, Ai-chan plays Sarah, the main character, and their were some speculations that there will be many un-ioly scenes, which proove that the event will take place after her graduation, and since it is scheduled to start in November, her graduation should be sometime in late November…

I really hope that many more activities will be planned for Ai-chan and I’m excited to see how her career will turn around after her graduation.

The musical will take place from November 27 to December 24 at the Imperial Theatre.

Ai-chan’s article about the announcement

Yomiuri’s article about announcement




9 responses

24 01 2011

Do you mean “Imperial Garden Theater?”

24 01 2011

I don’t get it..
If Ai is graduating during the fall concert of this year? How could she be graduating in August/Sept?
The last fall concert where jun/lin/eri graduated finished in december and the one where koharu graduated also finished in december…
can someone clear this up for me?

24 01 2011

I know what you mean…Their Autumn concerts always start at the end of August and last a month or two. The timing of the last concert date is still fuzzy so I don’t think it’s safe to say JUST YET that this’ll be here first activity after her graduation (god that last sentence sounds like a lie…>< just typing about her graduation seems still so unreal)

24 01 2011

Eri/Jun/Lin graduated on december 15 last day of Rival Survival so the play starting November 27… I think the concert will be over before (it’s a matter of days) so it’s pretty safe to say it’s her next activity after she graduates…

24 01 2011

September is nearing fall season right? Maybe they’re gonna end the fall concert earlier than expected idk. Things happen and idk if all fall concerts ended on the same dates.

25 01 2011

It’s very hard to believe she’ll be graduating in September as you say. The fall concert tour usually STARTS in September, and lasts for quite a while. For example, the dates for MM’s latest fall concert tour (when Kamei, JunJun, and Linlin graduated) were September 18th-December 15th. I don’t think their fall tour has ever once ended in September. It would have to start in mid-late summer for that to be the case.

25 01 2011

I’m not assuming thisbut if the concert starts in September they still have 2 whole months before the musical start. And since it’s in late november, which is really close to the usual graduation days 15dec , it’s pretty much possible if they just start it like 10days earlier in September

26 01 2011

I’m not saying she won’t graduate before starting the play (she may or may not, I feel like both possibilities are equally likely), I’m just saying that she’s unlikely to be graduating in September as you guessed in this post (“…and since it is scheduled to start in November, her graduation should be sometime in September…”).

26 01 2011

Oh my! I have just seen that sentence in my post now I know what the fuss is about!! Sorryyy i’ll change it!! I meant to say in late November ^^;

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