Okai Chisato Releases New iTunes Song

24 01 2011

A new studio recorded song from Okai Chisato titled Romatic Ukare Mode has been released on iTunes.

The Hello!Cover releases keep being released with Chisato a second time, and it’s a really amazing news to see that after her cover for Matsuura Aya’s LOVE Namida Iro, she continues to release studio recorded songs from other artists on iTunes which definitly means that they got a lot of great response from her first release, and that promotion for her is still going on well.

Also, it’s the second song that she releases being an OG member’s song: first time being of Matsuura Aya and this time, Fujimoto Miki, and since both of these members are great vocalists, it’s always interesting to see how she can handle the song and the melody, as well as the rythm, lyrics, and it’s always nice to hear it from another artist, in that case Chisato.

Hopefully everyone can support her and buy her song on iTunes since it is pretty cheap.

Also, the song has been released on YouTube, so I suggest that those who can’t use iTunes watch it right now before it’s  taken down:

Video uploaded by: ChisatoSoloTime

iTunes Link for Chisato’s song




4 responses

24 01 2011

Bought it instantly.

Chisato’s vocal ability has improved so much.

It’s also nice to hear a new take on these classic H!P songs.

24 01 2011

Its a good idea making new versions.

24 01 2011

Bought it as soon as I saw this post~ <3
This seems to be the only thing I'm using my Gift Card for XD

24 01 2011

It’s weird, I can never find solo songs. I really like Chisa and want her songs but she’s not under the C-ute page on iTunes and when I look her up she’s not there. Same thing with Eri, Risa, Airi, Momo and others who have apparently done the same thing by releasing songs. :( It sucks! Also, I can’t find Elegant Girl by Risako, or Ibu Himuro or whatever. I looked up both names, but nothing… And that song is on the Petit Best 11 album but iTunes doesn’t have that either… I think they hate me. Lol the only solo song I’ve found is Tanaka-sans…

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