“Hello!Project 2011 Winter ~Kangei Shinsen Matsuri~” DVDs Announced

24 01 2011

The DVDs for H!P’s 2011 winter concert tour titled Hello!Project 2011 Winter ~Kangei Shinsen Matsuri~ have been announced.

The announce was about 2 DVDs, each one with a different setlist (one for the A and the other for the B), which is really special since fans will have the ability to choose weither they want the regular concert, or get to hear their favorite members sing solo songs, so everyone will get to pick their prefered copy knowing the setlist.

The mention of the DVD now is a great announcement since the tour just ended a few days ago, and even though the covers haven’t been released yet, it’s definitly a great release that fans will be looking forward to.

Hopefully the covers and previews will be available soon.

The release date for the Setlist A DVD is set for 3/30, the Setlist B DVD is set for 4/13.

Shinseido page about product 1

Shinseido page about product 2




2 responses

24 01 2011

do you know which A and B setlist they’ll be using? My google translate is not working with me right now >.<

I really hope they include all the solos from the B setlist, I think that would be so awesome

24 01 2011

That’s the problem I don’t know which of the 2 of each setlist will be included but as soon as I’ll know i’ll update it since fans probably want to know which B setlist is included to see their favorites…

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