Kaori Iida Promotes Her Newly-Launched Cereal “23 Heartful Cereals”

23 01 2011

Kaori Iida is promoting her newly-launched cereal called “23 Heartful Cereal“.

I’m not sure if it’s cereal where you eat with milk or if it’s like an oatmeal because the site says you cook it like rice, but either way the concept for the cereal is based off of Kaori’s busy life.

This cereal is recommended for women with busy lives and don’t have time to eat a healthy meal. Also for anyone using skin care products and are feeling ill should use eat the cereal. Kaori promotes that it’s healthy since the ingredients and the recipe are from traditional Japanese farmers.

Even though it’s just cereal she’s promoting it fits with her busy life because she does have the stage play and the OG concert coming up. I do like that she’s trying to promote healthy foods and I hope her the best with this project.

23 Heartful Cereals Site




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