Buono’s Official Youtube Channel Opened

23 01 2011

The official Buono Youtube channel has been opened!

So far there are only 13 videos uploaded, 1 of them I believe it’s Buono introducing themselves on Youtube. I don’t understand Japanese but you hear them say “Youtube” so that’s what I believe they’re doing. The other videos are their PVs from previous singles minus “Kokoro no Tamago” (They have 2 PVs of Rottara Rottara).

One thing I don’t like about their channel is the dark colors. I know they decided to go with a black/gray was because it matches the outfits for their new single. I hope that once Buono releases maybe the colors will change but II don’t usually follow the Youtube Channels so I’m unsure how that’ll be.

I’m extremely glad Buono got a Youtube Channel, it sort of just hints that they’re here to stay and I hope that’s true because they’re quite a successful group and they music is slightly different then what the other groups have and it’s nice to have a little variety.

Buono’s Youtube



3 responses

23 01 2011

OMFG FINALLY~~~~~~ :DDDDDDDD Buono!’s gna rock youtube!!! x]]] hopefully they let us comment on their videos tooo!! x]]

24 01 2011

The PV for their newest single “Zassou no Uta ” has been released http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzcktJ2gi6w
Even though I am not a Buono! fan, I liked the PV mostly because of Airi :D

24 01 2011

New Video on their Channel!
But i cant see it cus “This video is not available in your country”.
Im soo sad! T^T

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