Shuukan Yoro! Vol 75

21 01 2011

Site News: Before anything I would like to thank everyone for their comments on the H!P 2nd anniversary post, I haven’t had a chance to comment back (I will explain later) but I did want to thank everyone through here first, so thank you to everyone for their support.

That being said I wanted to mention that I had a small eye surgery last week (Saturday to be exact), and as you might have noticed that did affect a few things most notably the site’s Twitter account which wasn’t updated for the past week (except for the 2nd anniversary post), so sorry to anyone who relied on the Twitter account for instant notifications from this site but everything will be back in order from now on.

Since I had surgery less than a week ago I can’t see perfectly yet, but from what I understand it should take about 2 or more weeks until I get perfect vision but for now I have well enough vision to use the computer for a few hours each day, so there shouldn’t be that much trouble keeping up with posts each day (the only post I could work on was the anniversary post but I had a lot of problems using the computer for that day).

Dianna and Lenny did an amazing job keeping the site up to date and I’m glad that they didn’t have any trouble this past week, so a big thank you to them for covering for me this week.

Since the recovery time will be for a few weeks and I was told to avoid using the computer for a lot of time to decrease the recovery time (it’s usually from 2 to more weeks until I can see normally), I won’t be able to spend that much time updating the site, which means that if there are any updates to the sections it should take a bit more time than usual.

Despite that I should be able to work on the site perfectly in about a month (or a bit more, up to 3 months) but for now I did want to mention that about the small surgery since it might affect the way the site is updated.

I will work on the site when possible and make a small comment about having well enough vision to work normally on the computer when the time comes, but for now I can see well enough to use the computer normally for a few hours (slightly out of focus but I can read some things from a distance).

That being said there was no updates done this week but right now I’m catching up with H!P news, approving comments (since I have to moderate all comments, some of them didn’t appear on the posts for a few days), as well as basically catching up on other stuff.

I will try and start working a bit on the banner and the new sections this weekend but I don’t think I can finish anything for a few more days although I will try my best.

Polls: The winner for this poll was Michishige Sayumi with 436 votes (43%), congratulations Sayu! Natsuyaki Miyabi came in second with 408 votes (40%) and Kumai Yurina came in third place with 167 votes (17%).

There was a total of 1,011 votes for this poll.

Congratulations Sayu!

The poll results for 2010 post will be delayed a bit more (probably a week) due to the small surgery I mentioned above, but once I can see normally (well enough to work on the computer for more than a few hours) I will start working on the post to release it as soon as possible, so please don’t worry about me forgetting that post, it’s at the top of my to-do list and I will finish it as soon as I can.

That being said the poll results were really surprising since I didn’t expect for there to be such a close first and second place since in the end it was a close finish between Miyabi and Sayu with about 30 votes difference between the two of them.

Kumai unfortunately got less than half the votes than Sayu or Miyabi, but she did get a decent amount of votes, although I hope she gets many more in future polls, but for now congratulations to Sayu for winning and another congratulations to Miyabi for coming in so close!

The next poll will feature Niigaki Risa, Okai Chisato and Wada Ayaka, and while there should be an interesting competition between Gaki and Chisato I look forward to finding out what kind of results will appear at the end of the week.

Just a reminder for those who don’t vote: If you do have a chance please vote since it only takes two clicks and you help your favorite member appear as member of the week!

Next poll will feature Niigaki Risa, Okai Chisato, and Wada Ayaka so everyone please vote for the next H!P member of the week!

To make it easier for fans I will provide the direct link to the poll HERE.

Please vote!

Reviews: I couldn’t work on anything during the week (literally since I also couldn’t go to school during the first three days) so for now the review is still postponed for a bit more, but since the recovery time should take a few weeks or months (at least one more since I had the surgery a week ago) I will concentrate more on working on the site when I’m on the computer.

So for now please look forward to the updates to the site, but the review should take a bit more.

I will update the Twitter when the review is released so please look forward to it!

Shuukan Yoro: It’s the 1st day of Okai Chisato’s week about “Sport Competitions”.

The results for the voting for this weeks Yorosen were really close between Mai and Chisato, but in the end Chisato won by one vote so she is the next teacher for the next five weeks. Mai could be next but I have been thinking of putting her last since her week is just the summary of everything (she had a normal week, but for some reason it wasn’t shown and subs weren’t done, that I am aware of).

So for now please enjoy Chisato’s week since it is really among the most entertaining since she has a small physical exam for all members of C-ute and the always athletic Sayu involving a few interesting running competitions and other fun events.

That being said the class today is really fun since we get to find out a bit about Chisa’s “rivalry” with Maimi in athletics, as well as see the first half of a 1 meter dash for members of C-ute and Sayu.

Hopefully many fans get to see it since it is among my favorites due to the amount of activity in the video (as well as the always fun “Sayu” and “Sports” combination):




12 responses

21 01 2011

eye surgery? hope you feel better! don’t push yourself too much.

I’ve noticed that you update your twitter manually with the tweet button. there are websites that’ll automatically feed the blog posts to twitter, like , so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself :)

28 01 2011

Everything went well, it was only a small surgery and I have been recovering quickly ^_^

WordPress updates the Twitter automatically when I publish a post, but I have been using Twitter manually since the posts done by ladylibra92 and Ayuchii didn’t appear automatically, but all of the posts are now updated the moment they are released, so there shouldn’t be any problem now ^o^

22 01 2011

Sorry to hear you had to have surgery. I hope everything went well and you get around to feeling better soon. But make sure to take the time you need to recover, especially since you have other authors who can help with news updates. As always, thanks for all your hard work.

28 01 2011

It was only a small surgery so that I could see without eyeglasses, and everything turned out great, although the recovery time is really long (recovery meaning I see somewhat blurry one day, and my vision clears up a bit more each day) ^_^

I have recovered enough to use the computer normally and my doctor said I could use the computer like always, although I would need to take a few breaks so that my eyes don’t get tired ^_^

Your welcome, and thank you for commenting ^o^

22 01 2011

Good Luck with your Surgery (^_^-) I hope you’ll be fine :D Ganbatte~! (^-^-)

28 01 2011

Thank you ^o^

22 01 2011

Love the picture you picked for Sayu for “Member of the Week” :) SHE’S JUST SO DARN CUTE!

22 01 2011

where is the rest of the episode ? :O

22 01 2011

It’s on the next episode which I will show next week ^_^

But you can watch it by visiting the video page and clicking on the channel to see the other videos I have there ^o^

23 01 2011

Ah~ I subcribed you and I’ve seen you’ve post 5 episode already right? XD

22 01 2011

Hope you have a speedy recovery :) don’t over exert yourself!

28 01 2011

Thank you ^o^

I use the computer for a few hours only so that my eyes don’t get too tired, but everything else is normal for now ^_^

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