Tahahashi Ai Starring in A Drama Titled “Koi Choco – Bitter Sweet Angel”

20 01 2011

Takahashi Ai will be the lead actress in a special Valentine Day’s drama titled Koi Choco – Bitter Sweet Angel (Chocolate Love – Bitter Sweet Angel).

It’s really amazing to see that Ai -chan is getting to pursuie her activity normally while starring in this drama which seems really interesting since it is for Valentine’s Day, and the story seems quite nice with a “good” and a “bad” angel being around her as well as a mention of a chocolate or sweets factory.

The title itself is really appealing since it is really dedicated for Valentine’s day, not to mention the Bitter Sweet part that is attached to the 2 angels, and Ai’s sweet personality will definitly help her acting in this drama. It was also mentionned that the episodes could be downloaded on cellphones.

Also, Ai-chan was at a conference to promote the new drama as well as a chocolate brand (probably specially for the drama), and here are some pictures of the event (Check the BS-TBS site too to see the poeple starring along Ai and get a glimpse of the story):

A very short preview has also been released where we get to see Ai in different locations, once in a disguise for some reason and the other in a very sweet outfit, and even though we only get to hear some lines like “Suki Desu”, it still helps to get an idea:

Hopefully we’ll get a clearer view of what the story is about soon since the full concept of the story is still blurry.

BS-TBS page about drama

cinemacafe article about event




6 responses

20 01 2011

Coolioo! :D I don’t like it when they’re iin romance dramas. it kinda annoys me because I end up liking pairings but you know, Idols can’t date >.< I hope Ai marries in the near future^^

20 01 2011

That is true, I thought the same way!

I hope she does not fall in love with this guy XD

20 01 2011
Mogi Bear

I hope she does!
She’s graduating and well he’s really good looking! lol

20 01 2011

Aww i can’t wait!!! :)
It’ll defs be awesomee!!
Excited to watch
Hopefully Ai chan does amazing <3 but i noo she will! :)

20 01 2011




He really is CUTE!

1 02 2011

finally ai starts getting real about acting i hope she will stay in japan still n do more acting! n becum famous lyk maki horitika! ganbete ai! i hope they kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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