Buono’s 11th Single LQ Previews Released

20 01 2011

An extremely LQ preview of “Zassou no Uta”, “Runaway Train” and “JUICY HE@RT” has been released.

The preview is so too short and too hard to hear so I don’t have an opinion of them yet, I wanted to post them so that anyone with better hearing than I do can get a chance to see what the new single is all about. I’m looking forward to a PV preview more but for anyone interested please enjoy the previews.

The first preview is Zassou no Uta, second is Runaway Train and last is JUICY HE@RT.



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20 01 2011


Boo on promotion, Tsunku. But Buono! is awesome as always, anyway :D

20 01 2011


Other than the fact Shugo Chara ended.. does anybody else think that the only reason Buono went on a “hiatus” was to help promote S/mileage??

Because if Buono kept on continuing while s/mileage was doing there indies, Buono would kinda OVER SHINE on s/mileage, so nobody would really notice s/mileage..*difficult to explain* xD
Like, basically, If Buono kept going around when S/mileage was in their indies time, I feel that Buono would take all their fame..and stuff..
Since Buono wasnt around while S/mileage started, people noticed S/mileage more..
So now, since S/mileage is debuted and doing great, I think Tsunku decided to bring Buono! back! :D

21 01 2011

I’m not sure what you mean by that but I think the reason Buono went on hiatus was because Shugo Chara had ended and they were unsure what to do with the group (continue on or disband) since it was created just for Shugo Chara.

21 01 2011

Ahh but, even though I prefer Buono! to S/mileage, Buono!’s sales weren’t good towards the last 4 singles. I feel S/mileage would have done well with them putting forward on the charts. idk o.o

20 01 2011


So far from such the short previews, they sound GREAT.
I can’t wait to hear the full songs~~~

21 01 2011

They sound so Buono!-ish! But still different at the same time! Like a new, even more rock sound. It’s still too hard to tell, but for now… Yah did good, Tsunku, yah did good.

21 01 2011

“Runaway Train” disappointed me, as it instantly reminded me of “Naruto” (one of its opening themes) once the vocals started… it’ll take me a while to not think that, but that theme was really fun (it’ll be hard) >,>
“JUICY HE@RT” reminds me of another Buono! song (“Independent Girl”)… so that also sort of disappoints me. XD
“Zassou no Uta” is nice but I think it’s a tad boring. Hopefully it’ll sound better in higher quality, and when a full rip. =3

21 01 2011

previews?!?! xD I am so happy to hear Buono,for a long time without any singles,they are finally back!:X
in my opinion,Juicy He@art will be the best,it sounds AMAZING,a bit like Independent,but I think it will sound better in higher quality :3
I am so proud of them,even if I am boring,sad or happy,their songs are always here to keep me alive,I love them!:D

21 01 2011

This makes me even MORE excited!!! I can’t wait for these songs to come out!!!

Um, this’ll sound stupid but… Do they only release PVs for a-sides? I’ve only seen PVs for a-sides of Berryz, C-ute, Momusu, S/mileage, and Buono!, but I don’t ever usually listen to b-sides except for a few of Buono!s or if I hear them in concert and like them. So if they do, does that mean Buono! will have 3 new PVs, or just Zassou no Uta since it’s the a-side?

21 01 2011

They usually only release PV’s for A-sides.

21 01 2011

Muahaha I linked the preview for the first one earlier :3


21 01 2011

Zassou no Uta’s intro rhythm reminded me of BK’s Madayade. xD It also reminded me of Buono!’s “Kirai Suki Daikirai” song.

Runaway Train reminds me so much of We Are Buono! and yeah… that one Naruto opening. xDD Wish they find another anime for Buono… x]] I’d love to hear them be an opening for some kind of ongoing anime like Star Driver, Infinite Stratos or Bleach. I could totally imagine their 3rd album songs on anime openings.

Juicy Heart sounded almost generic. I want to hear HQ versions soon tho. x]] I wish they did an awesome rock song with rap in it. xDDD I’d totally die and buy that single. ya’know like KAT-TUN styled ones or those rock vocaloid ones… LOL like seriously.. something more rock-ier than Independent Girl or My Boy. >:D

21 01 2011

LOL like seriously.. something more rock-ier than Independent Girl or My Boy. >:D

^I MEAN… SERIOUSLY. Buono!’s awesome with the audience during concerts… o.O What better way to get the gig going than playing a ROCK+RAP song!! <3

23 01 2011

Yeah, all songs sound good… a bit different from classic Buono! sound though. It’s gonna take me some time to accustom myself to it…

23 01 2011

Oh how i’ve longed for more Buono! songs ♥♥♥ These all sound great! (cant wait to cover them >:D)

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