[Update] Buono- “Zassou no Uta” LQ Covers Released

19 01 2011

A LQ preview of Buono’s 11th single has been released.

The first one is the Limited Edition, the second is the Regular Edition. It’s hard to really see the covers but from the preview I love them both. I like how they used red and black as for the covers, it really makes the overall theme seem like its a dark rock sound but a song preview hasn’t been released yet so I’m just guessing. I’m looking forward to seeing a larger version of the Limited Edition cover since I really want to see the individual pictures of Buono more closely.

Hopefully all fans will reserve a copy.

The release date is set for 2/2.

Buono’s Discography

[Update]: Larger covers have been released for the single





15 responses

19 01 2011

Yay finally covers :) i like them so far

20 01 2011

looove the covers. This single certainly is being kept under wraps very well. Less than two weeks to release!!

20 01 2011

I’m so excited now, can’t wait for the pv!! :D

20 01 2011

Well, I like the regular version more ^_^
I so want to hear a preview of the song *___*

20 01 2011

I like the limited edition version more lol Idk why though xD’ I think this’ll be a good single :D I can just tell

20 01 2011

I found a preview :O 30secs long^^

20 01 2011

Oh, cool :O

20 01 2011

You can bet I reserved my copy. I preordered the limited edition weeks ago and now I’m counting the days… It’s been a long long long wait for a Buono! new single, sigh! I’m so glad they don’t disband…

20 01 2011

Eagerly awaiting my Bouno! fix! (Buono! addicts got to feed)

20 01 2011

WOW! Those covers are Epic!! Can’t wait!

20 01 2011
Mogi Bear

I love them both!!

i’ve ordered the regular, yay!

20 01 2011

I also found a 30 sec preview…. :OO Sounds good so far. Buono! is looove

21 01 2011

OMG it sounds AMAZING!:O
I have never heard this kind of music from Buono!,but I think it’s very good! I have a feeling that this gonna be a TOP single , dunno why XD

20 01 2011

Wow, I really love how Miyabi is in the background all by herself… >.<

21 01 2011

I think the cover it’s very interisiting,beacause of the fact that they used dark colors,but they are smiling in all of the pictures XD
I love the limited edition,hope we can se a larger version soon^_^

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