New S/mileage Profile Pictures For “Short Cut

18 01 2011

The H!P official site has updated S/mileage’s profiles with pictures for their 4th single titled Short Cut.

All of the pictures feature S/mileage in their flowery outfits for the PV against a blue background which really contrasts well with their white outfits and make them stand out even more.

Wada’s poses are really cute since she puts her arm up keeping her hand straight next to her face while in the second picture she strikes a more signature pose with a hand hold tight under her head, and in both pictures her left arm is on her wrist.

Yuuka has her first profile picture with her short hair and I have to admit that she looks really cute with holding both her hands together in the first picture and striking a side pose with her hands behind her back while showing a great smile.

Kanon’s pictures have to be the cutest since in the first one, her side-bended pose in front of the camera make her look so innocent and cute, as well as the second picture while she is holding her hands on her chest, both with a very unique hairstyle which consists of pigtails that suit her well.

Saki’s poses are quite similar in the 2 photos where she stands holding a hand up her face in the first and both hands down her body on the second, and even though it might be the case, she looks stunning in both reveiling her great smile.

Overall, the pictures are really interesting and specially cute for all the members, and even though the outfits only differ by the position of the logo and the amount and colors of flowers, they still look great.

The release date is set for 2/9.

Official H!P Page for S/mileage




One response

19 01 2011

Looks like Momo & Kanon are going for pigtails look XD

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