Morning Musume 9th Generation Members Profiles Created

18 01 2011

Profiles with official pictures for the 9th generation members have been added on the official H!P site.

It’s about time that 9th generation members get their official profiles added in Momusu’s official page, and I’m really happy that they did so right now since it will definitly help fans know them a little better before they release the next single,  although only basic information is added without the usual Q&A for each member.

All of the girls got to pose for official pictures in matching outfits and I think it’s a great idea since they were able to put their profiles sooner without having to wait for pictures of them in the future single’s outfits since Momusu already have their Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game pictures, so it really making them shine.

I have to admit that all of the outfits look fantastic on the girls: Mizuki and Erina got the same shirt and bow outfit with a plaid skirt  that is similar to Riho and Kanon’s skirt-suspenders, although the colors differ from white and black for Erina and Kanon to pink and black for Riho and Mizuki.

Also, in these first photos we get to see each girl’s unique attitude and face, and even though Erina might look a bit awkward, her unique pose, Mizuki’s calm image, Riho’s confident expression and Kanon’s brilliant smile are really amazing.

Finally, I’m really excited to see the progression of these girls as well as their updated profiles when they will release the next single.

Note: The girls are put by order of age so Mizuki is first, then Erina, Riho and Kanon.

H!P official Morning Musume Profile Page

Up-Front’s official page for Fukumura Mizuki

Up-Front’s official page for Ikuta Erina

Up-Front’s official page for Sayashi Riho

Up-Front’s official page for Suzuki Kanon




21 responses

18 01 2011

Kanon looks so cute!!! :3
Shes so smily and adorable!

Mizuki looks adorable too! :D

Riho looks so professional..xD

18 01 2011

I’m so glad we’ve got a new genki member with Suzuki Kanon. We need someone to compensate for the lack of Koharu and Linlin.

And the other three look great as well. ;)

18 01 2011
Dave Snow

Erina will grow into a real beauty very quickly. IMHO.

Riho is very cute!

Kanon is a winner!

Mizuki is also very cute!

We have a great 9th Gen!!

18 01 2011

Quite amazing how zukki kinda resembles the original Suzuki herself, airi lol

But these pics are nice if only they were bigger!

18 01 2011

Mizuki seems a pro (well, she is lol)

Erina seems…….scared lol

kanon……kanon´s smile is perfect!!! i know her fans will praise that ^^……i still can´t know but………she could be my favourite <3

18 01 2011

Kanon’s brilliant smile reminds me of Chii. <3 I love her already. XD
She's so cute~
Uhm… I'm sure the staff could have picked a better not awkward pic of Ikutan to put up on the official website, when there's only ONE official picture of her so far.. XD

18 01 2011

Soo cutee :)
They all look amazing and I’m happy they finally have profile pictures :)
So right now, I’m really liking all of them because I don’t really know their individual personalities yet.
We’ll see who my fav is when the next single and concert with them included comes out :)
Right now, I’m loving Kanon’s smile!!

18 01 2011

YAY! We only have 1 official pic, but it’s a start! Kanon looks a lot more like ManoEri in that pic…

I’m just finding out their ages, I’m glad Kanon’s the youngest. Hopefully she sticks around long enough to be the Gaki to Riho’s Aichan.

18 01 2011

That picture of Kanon kinda reminds me of Mano Erina… xD

18 01 2011

First off….


*Ends psycho fangirl rant*

Second, has anyone else noticed that in 9th gen, all the blood types are represented?
Fukumura- O
Sayashi- AB

19 01 2011
Shahir Kyosuke

9th gen bring new hope for Momusu and fans…

Suzuki Kanon…let’s give her title ‘The Smile of Morning Musume’…

19 01 2011

Fukuchhann looks normal xD She’s used to it lol So does Riho xD Ikutan looks slightly awkward but still sweet. Kanon looks ADORABLE. I have to admit, In the auditions, Riho was my least fave and Kanon was juuuust above her. But I think this brings Kanon up :D

Current rankings(lol I know we can’t really judge yet but still, we have the auditions to judge by xD:
5.Kanon-chhan and Fukuchhann
8. Reina

Don’t get me wrong btw. I don’t dislike any Momusu members. xD These ranking are pretty damn vaige.(Except Ai and Aika X3)

19 01 2011

Oh!! I wanna do Morning Musume rankings too!!

1) Gaki- san
2) Aika
3) Kanon
4) Riho
5) Sayumi
6) Mizuki
7) Ai- chan
8) Erina
9) Reina

these rankings will change once i know more about the ninth generation, but right now i’m loving riho and kanon!! :D

19 01 2011

Ooh, that means Risa and Kanon are the same blood types! <3

Subject to change:

1) Risa <3
2) Sayu
3) Ai-chan
4) Kanon
5) Aika
6) Riho
7) Mizuki
8) Reina
9) Erina (well I know nothing about her Dx)

19 01 2011

I hate Erina, So ugly, and her voice.. ughh

20 01 2011

LOL, I wonder if you’re also a Mittsi troll XD

Currently, I haven’t the desire to do a ranking for the current lineup. Heck, I didn’t really have a lineup for the previous (with JunLin and Eri). Well, I can rank vocal skill – still not for the current lineup, though. /fail
Out of the four, in these pictures, Eripon and Zukkii gain my attention the most. Most likely since I’m so used to professional-like poses. I’d been waiting for professional photos, so these made my day when released~ <3

20 01 2011

My turn.. :P

1) Ai-chan
2) Mittsi
3) Reina
4) Riho
5) Sayumi
6) Risa
7) Kanon
8) Mizuki
9) Erina

…for the time being.

20 01 2011

I don’t know about you guys but I think Erina and Mizuki are the most suitable members for MM now, they look mature~ <3 Riho and Kanon look great in this outfit too <3 I like Mizuki the most from Gen IX <3

20 01 2011

Suitable? I mean for 9th Gen, sorry ^-^””‘ At first I love Riho, but now, Mizuki, the one I like before <3 has come, so I love her!!! <3 <3 <3

You guys are doing a ranking? "Allowed" me to join XD

1. Still REINA~~~~~ <3
2. Still SAYUMI toooo~~~ <3
3. Mizuki, Yeah~
4. Risa :( (last time, she was my 3rd)
5. Riho
6. Kanon (I love her too, don't get me wrong but I just don't like her as the others, she's still cute anyway :D)
7. Erina (She's Pretty in the outfit up there!!!)
8. Aika!!! (Kawaii~~~ <3)
9. Ai-chan… (Sorry but… I don't like her a lot, but if I rank her in all of the members in MM, she'll be about 15/29~ <3)

20 01 2011

Lol with Kanon it seems Chinami might have some competition. XD I think I got a new 2nd fave!

22 01 2011

Me too XD ….

1.Reina (Kawaii Yankee <3)
5.Riho ( W0w !!)
7.Kanon ( I think her smile is similar to erina mano )
9.Aika (sorry for that ~~~)


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