Mori Saki Has Completed Her H!P Egg Training

17 01 2011

It was announed on H!P’s official website that the 3rd Egg to complete her training is Mori Saki (or 4th if you count Fukumura Mizuki).

I’m really astonished to see that the series of completed Egg training is still on, with Mori this time, which is really surprising since they all happened in such a short amount of time, and even though it is the case, i’m really happy about this news.

Like her 2 previous companions, I hope that Saki will get her official career started wether it is in singing, acting, dancing… For now her next activitie seems to be like Minami’s which is starring in a play titled Aru Jiisan ni Sengou wo which will take place from 8 to 17 of April.

This should be an amazing news for Mori fans and we’ll be waiting to see what kind of project UFA has for her.

Until then Congratulations Saki!

H!P official page




16 responses

17 01 2011

Another graduation… I really do wonder what is planned for these girls. It’s kinda exciting just thinking about what might be going on.^^

17 01 2011

I wished, they would clarify their future much better, saying “she’s going to stay in H!P”, “she’s going to leave H!P and join UFA” or “she’s going to leave H!P and won’t join UFA”.

17 01 2011

Well from the looks of what’s going on it would seem that Kikka’s staying in H!P or at least UFA but we can’t be sure about Saki or Minami.

17 01 2011

I wish that too it’s so confusing not knowing what they will do!!!
Kikka stays in H!P but Minami and Saki both havr minor activities for now…
I just hope they stay in the buisness!

17 01 2011

That is a terrible photo of her :/ She’s really pretty

17 01 2011

I hope there will be a new unit with all of these fully trained Eggs!! >v<
I was just thinking about when she was going to complete her training….

17 01 2011

wow many eggs :o
wonder if theyre making a new group ? :o !!!
would be awesome :D

17 01 2011

She’s one of the original eggs so she’s been around for almost 7 years by now, not to mention that most of the original eggs haven’t participated in the recent H!P concerts (only like 11 or 12 of the eggs + jang dayeon have been backdancing), so I’m expecting a lot more of these ‘ has finished training’ messages soon (namely from girls like okai asuna, arai manami, kitahara sayaka, etc.)

17 01 2011
Dave Snow

Potential new member of C-ute—-?!?!?

18 01 2011

Tihat would be really cool!! :D

18 01 2011

I would LOOOVEE to see new members added to C-ute!!

18 01 2011

Do you hate C-ute, or something? =_=;

18 01 2011

(Crap, posted before finished)

Morisaki is talented, but I do not see her as “C-ute” material. As well as that, C-ute has a steady fanbase and anybody being thrown in – often with the excuse of “there’s so few members!” – is not going to benefit them at all. I actually think that such a foolish want is a threat to their existence. >,>
Besides that, Morisaki has a good chance of being overshadowed were she just added to a popular/well-known group. Unless you want her to pretty much do what she’s been doing for seven years, I highly suggest everyone to stop suggesting EGGS being added to pre-existing groups; MM is the only H!P group that is meant for additions to the lineup.
As well as that, were Morisaki to /not/ be overshadowed, what of Nakky and Mai (I am using C-ute as an example)? Those two keep getting ignored, and Chisa is rising in popularity. If Morisaki joins and she continues being popular, she could make it even harder for Nakky and Mai to get solos. Airi will almost always have the majority/a good chunk of a single, and Maimi has a good chance of having at least a quarter or third.

19 01 2011

I agree with you on the Eggs being added to C-ute

If they wanted C-ute to be back at 7 members then they would’ve added someone long ago.

But I’m sure most fans are thinking that she’ll be added to C-ute because Kanna was an egg that was added to C-ute and her completion of the H!P Egg training was announced out of the blue so a lot of people are speculating that UFA has something planned for her.

20 01 2011

But didn’t C-ute start after that?
Kanna was there from the beginning of the group, so it’s not really the same. =\

But now I know a reason for the huge “EGG gonna join C-ute”, so thank you <3

18 01 2011

Maybe she and the other future graduate members will be in the new unit? :D She and like Sengoku Minami and somebody in the future may grads in Eggs :-?

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