Hello! SayuNii’s 2nd Anniversary

16 01 2011

This post was published a day late due to me having an eye procedure which prevented me from using the computer for a day, everything in the post was done a day before so please excuse the tardiness.

Once again it is January 15, the day Hello! SayuNii was born, and while it has been only two years I am amazed at the amount of recognition the site has received over the past few years since looking back I never thought the site would reach even 100 hits a day since I only planned on blogging about my thoughts about H!P releases.

Although that may have been the case I am happy to see that the site has improved so much and that fans support it, and since I already talked about the story of how the site came to be as well as a background of myself in the first anniversary post I decided to talk about some highlights of the various goals the site has reached in the past year for this post, the first of them being the 1,000,000 goal:

I would have never believed that a small blog about H!P started by a random chat with a fellow fan of Japanese music on Myspace would lead to a site that now receives about 4,000 views a day, and while the site hasn’t changed that much throughout the past year I am glad that I did have a chance to reach the 1,000,000 mark thanks to the many fans who visit the site.

It has been a little over a month since that goal was reached but the site already has 165,000 hits more, and that is a very impressive show of support from fans all over the world who visit the site and another reason why I am more than glad to wake up every day to post about news so that everyone is up to date with everything that is happening in the H!P world.

Most fans might not be aware but before December I worked on the site by myself: the graphics, pages, layouts, and widgets on the sidebar were the result of many hours of hard work, and since I started the blog without knowing anything about HTML codes or maintaining a blog I basically learned while I worked on the site, which took a lot of time to do since I honestly had no idea what I was doing.

So it might be surprising that I waited until almost a month before the blog anniversary to open up to the idea of other authors (although I had already thought of doing so since the first anniversary), but I’m glad that I did since I got many responses from fans offering their help, and in the end I decided to add two additional authors to the site: ladylibra92 and Ayuchii.

I feel like I made the best choice since they are hard workers and they have done an amazing job in the month they have been authors for the site, and while I did work on the site alone for almost two years I am really glad that they offered their help since it improves the site in many ways most notably different viewpoints and a smaller amount of work which leaves more time to improve the site and focus on personal life.

I asked ladylibra92 and Ayuchii to write some messages for this post since it is a milestone that has to be celebrated with everyone from the team, here are their messages:

Thank you for supporting H!SN everyone! I haven’t been a part of the team for that long but I’ve been following Ado’s blog for quite awhile and it really helps to be able to read all H!P news at one place. Please continue to support us and H!P :)!

Minna-san, I’m really happy to be celebrating H!SN blog anniversary for the first time with all of you as an author and I hope that every single H!P fan is finding everything he needs right here!!

So please continue to support H!SN so we can celebrate many more anniversaries together ^_^

Much Love and thank you for the continual support! <3

I look forward to working alongside them to improve the site in every way for H!P fans around the world to enjoy, and while they have only been part of the H!SN team for a little bit over a month I consider them both an important part of the team since they have helped me to improve the site in many ways, so thank you Dianna and Lenny!

Apart from the 1,000,000 hits and the new authors I wanted to mention a few surprises I have for fans, and while they won’t be up immediately I will make sure to have them up as soon as possible.

First, it has been quite some time since the banner was updated so I plan on updating it as soon as I can since it seems like the most appropriate way to celebrate an anniversary, and while I haven’t had a chance to work on it I do have quite a lot of ideas I want to try out before updating it, so it should be up sometime in the next few weeks (this time for sure).

Second, the H!P Releases posts are coming back, and while most of you might not remember they are basically posts I do on the day there is an H!P good release and I do a small review about the single or DVD and post a few sample previews for fans to enjoy.

I stopped doing them a while back (March 17 was the last post) since I usually had a lot of work to do and I usually missed the release date by a day, but since there are two new authors on the site I decided to take another chance at the posts since they seemed like a great way for fans to remember a release and check it out before buying it.

I haven’t had a chance to discuss it with the new authors (I literally thought of it an hour ago) but I hope to have everything planned out to start posting the posts again since it seemed like a unique way of informing fans about new releases without relying on the Upcoming Releases page.

Third, improvements to the site in general, which means improving the existing sections while adding a few more to improve the site and make it more enjoyable for fans around the world to visit, and while I haven’t had a chance to plan out that many new sections I do have a few in mind which seem interesting, but I will detail more later when I have a set idea.

So for the most part it was a long post, but I wanted to talk about the progress the site has had in the last year and while the site is still relatively young I am glad to see that so many fans have enjoyed it and supported us by posting links on forums, Facebook, or other sites so that other fans can enjoy up to date news.

I always feel proud to see that the amount of fans visiting the site increases since that means that so far I have been doing a good job, and while there is a lot of room for improvement I am glad that fans check this site out many times a day and rely on it for news about H!P.

I haven’t had a chance to think about what the site will be like in 5 years since H!P has already changed drastically in the few years I have been a fan, but I look forward to finding out with all of the fans who have liked H!P for many years as well as the new fans who will discover H!P in a few months or years since it’s thanks to support from fans all over the world that H!P has had such a long life.

In the same way I want to thank everyone who visits the site every day and chooses this site as one of their many sources of H!P information since I couldn’t have imagined the overwhelming amount of support from fans I have received through encouraging comments on posts, visits to the site, or from mentions or posting of links to this blog from other forums or sites.

There are no words to describe how thankful I am to see many thousands of fans check out the site each day since it is sincerely one of the main highlights of my life: helping out H!P fans around the world to find information about groups they like as well as to discuss singles or other releases with other people that have similar interests in them.

I don’t get paid or receive money in any way for running the site so the main thing that makes me happy to wake up and post about news is the support from fans, so while simple words are not enough I wanted to thank everyone once again for following the site and supporting ladylibra92, Ayuchii, the site, and me throughout this past year since we couldn’t have done it without the overwhelming support fans have provided each day by visiting the site and/or commenting.

I look forward to finding out what H!P has in store for us this year, as well as continuing to provide news for H!P fans around the world, so to everyone who visits the site, once again:

Thank You~!!

– Ado




13 responses

16 01 2011

Wow, SayuNii has the same birthday as me… I hadn’t realized… xD

Thank you for all the hard work these past two years!


16 01 2011

Thank you for this awesome site!

16 01 2011

Congrats on 2 years and thank you for keeping up this site, as it’s the only place I turn to for my H!P news~

17 01 2011

thank you for the awesome site. you guys have the best english write ups of hello!Project events, hands down.

17 01 2011

Congratulation and Arigatou for making this site (^-^-)o I’ve visited this site everyday :D

17 01 2011

happy anniversary!! ^_^
more power!
and good luck!!

17 01 2011

congrats H!SN and thank you for this awesome blog.. and good luck to H!SN team..

17 01 2011

Thank yuu!!!
Happy anniversary!!!
Here’s to another H!P filled year!
good luck to you guys and everything that yuu do :)

17 01 2011
Mogi Bear

Thank you so much for your site!!

I hope you have another great year!
Also, yess! Upcoming releases is coming back! I missed those posts!

17 01 2011

Congrats on the two years <3

Thank you, everyone, on the H!SN team <3
I have lots of fun lurking about~

17 01 2011
Billy Jean

You have done a man’s job sir,

It is always a wonderful thing when you can turn what you love and your passion into something that more people can come together and enjoy. And I think the growth of your site speaks a whole lot to a lot of the other websites out there.

With determination and dedication you can demonstrate how vastly superior a fan made website can trump offically run websites or large forum websites. It is all about getting the information out there and creating discussions. I mean there is so much content out there that just needs entry level write ups that will get people talking.

I think you know my views about wordpress but to be honest, if you had a web user 3.0 interface to make profiles and easy discussions you could build the site even more.

I really hate those grey bars, can you at least change the color of those to white or something…

17 01 2011

Conguraturation !!! Omedetoooo !!!! *clapingu hando* :D

18 01 2011

yay! two years!! I’m looking forward to that H!P Upcoming Release thing.. I somewhat remember it…I think I found H!SN right when you were ending the H!P release thing… I think I remember seeing “Naichau Kamo”… IDK..

I remember before I first became a fan I had the hardest time trying to find information about current H!P and everything I was reading was like old info. But then I found H!SN and I thought it was amazing because I was keeping up with all the current things. ^_^

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