S/mileage – “Otome Pasta ni Kandou” Preview Released

15 01 2011

A preview for S/mileage’s 4th single’s Regular edition B-side titled Otome Pasta ni Kandou has been released. Even though the song is interrupted in the beginning and end, the preview is still very clear.

The song is, to say the least, very entertaining since it is very energetic and has super cute vocals from the members as well as special voice effects like echoes that add to its cuteness and make it really catchy and attractive. In the beginning, when they insert their lines together it creates a really cute effect with all the back sounds like “OOhOuuh” or “Lalalala” (chorus like in Berryz Koubou’s Warachou yo Boyfriend).

When they start singing all together, unlike their usual singles and songs, their voices seem to be well differencied, where we get to hear each girl clearly and we can seperate their voices from each other easily, which is always great to hear, and accompagnied with a very edgy instrumental and cute general sound, it only adds to its charm and cuteness.

Well, it seems that fans who will only be able to buy the regualar version won’t be disappointed in any way since the cover is amazing, the B-side is a very impressive song that is equal with Pan-ya san no Urabaito and the price is of course less.

Overall, the song has to be one of my favorites from S/mileage because of its unique sound and cute lines, as well as the general happy sound it has and the catchy feeling.

The release date is set for 2/9.

Video uploaded by: 5fs9




7 responses

15 01 2011

This is Tanpopo’s song :O

15 01 2011

Always like a good cover song, especially if it’s from Tanpopo.

Makes me wonder when UFA will release more Hello Cover songs on iTunes.

15 01 2011

They sang this song live about 4 months ago xD

So…not really exciting to hear the rec. ver lol

15 01 2011

Well it is clearer so this is a better opportunity for those who haven’t heard it before ^_^

15 01 2011

to sayunii admin…
can i have a request?
can you translate these video?:

these is linlin message to their graduation….

16 01 2011

“…the song has to be one of my favorites from S/mileage…”
So, you don’t like S/mileage’s original songs?
(That’s the impression you just gave me)
I also can’t tell if you know this is a cover of Tanpopo or not – your phrasing confused me XD

I liked listening to this in their Live, so hearing a recording is nice…
But I feel they should’ve released a cover a song they didn’t sing in their Live; makes the Live less special to go to, if there’s a chance the covers performed will be released on singles. =\

16 01 2011

Wwll sorry if I confused you but yes I do know it’s a cover from Tanpopo (I mentionned it in an article about Pan ya san no Urabaito some time ago) ^_^’

I actually like a lot of S/mileage original songs but with their genki spirit and fun voices it turned out really great :D

sorry if I didnt explain myself right GOMEN! :$

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