Kikkawa Yuu Holding A Press Conference

15 01 2011

Kikkawa Yuu announced that she will be holding a press conference somewhere in Tokyo on 1/26.

I’m not sure what a press conference actually is but Kikka announced that she will be inviting 100 fans at random to attend.  A while back Kikka announced that she was planning some sort of event in January and I guess this is it.

To apply you have to be a member of Kikka’s support site and you have to fill out another form. Links are at the bottom if anyone is interested in attending.

The deadline to apply is on 1/17 and winners will be announced on 1/19.

Kikka’s Support Page Sign Up

Kikka’s Special Event




6 responses

15 01 2011

a press conference is where a bunch of the media is there and they all ask her questions and snap photos and she answers them. =/ it’s like an interview but much more informal. it’s a good place for announcements to be made too

16 01 2011

Hopefully debut announcement??!! *w*
I’m praying for this!! <3

16 01 2011

I was thinking that was a press conference but the inviting 100 random fans is what sort of threw me off. When I heard she was inviting fans the first thing that came to my mind was she was also going meeting with them (like handshake, photo etc)

I wonder what she has in mind…. I’m excited to hear this.

16 01 2011

well idols are all about fanservice and any excuse for idols and fans to be in the same place at the same time is good enough for them (especially because usually money/goods are involved)

16 01 2011

It does seem like she’ll be announcing a debut. I’m excited to see what it will be~

17 01 2011

I also hope for an announcement about her debut. Otherwise it would be a complete waste.

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