C-ute – “Kiss Me Aishiteru” Full Preview Released

15 01 2011

A full radio rip for C-ute’s 15th single titled Kiss Me Aishiteru has been released.

The start of the song is really impressive since it starts off with a very energetic and rock instrumental that is really fast (I expect a dance similar to Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game for the start), and it stays this way all the song-long which is amazing since it gives a nice change for C-ute and makes us see their really more mature spirit.

In each couplet, one has the lead from Maimi, Airi to Chisato along with really cool effects like when they repeat the word “Nee” or “Please” followed by echos that add a special touch to the song, as well as the many “Love Me” and “Kiss Me” that definitly show the mature side of the song. Chisato and Maimi did an amazing job with their strong voices to fit the theme, and I’m happy to see that everyone got lines where they belong.

Overall, even though I didn’t have much to say about the song because it repeats quite a bit, it’s still very impressive specially by its instrumental and the mature theme it has.

Hopefully, we will get a very nice PV that would fit the theme and I’m really relying my hope on the dance that has to be somewhat wild to fit.

The release date is set for 2/23.

Video uploaded by: 23iyi83

EDIT: It seems that the B-side for the single will be titled Hatachimae no Onna no Ko (A girl/woman before 20) which sounds interesting since it seems to stay in the mature theme…




13 responses

15 01 2011

Chisa >3< but Mai and Nakky? D:

15 01 2011


Already heard the concert rip and I’m happy that the studio version is just as good.

15 01 2011

Maimi and Airiin lead, Chisa minor? :D Cool~

15 01 2011

BTW, the B Side might mention about Maimi right? She’ll be 19, before 20 XD

15 01 2011

Oh well I don’t know about this yet since it hasn’t been announced but it would be really nice to be related to Maimi!

15 01 2011

This might be one of my favorites from C-ute! The instrumental is REALLY impressive!

15 01 2011

love the song :D
C-utes songs are getting better and better :D !!!!!!

15 01 2011

“KNOCK ME”!?!? That can be taken in a dirty way! *shocked*

16 01 2011

Same with “TOUCH ME”. <3
Don't forget: their outfits are jailbait worthy :D

16 01 2011

It’s actually referring to a knock/kick/spark to the soul and a knock/tap “on [my] window”. Pretty much like, “sweep me off my feet” with the kiss. That sort of thing.
It’s another classic situation of a Japanese song trying to use awkward English. ha.
可愛すぎるよね〜 (^^) 

16 01 2011

Okay this song gave me adrenaline rush and dance along. xDDDD awesome instrumental!!! :O I hope the dance is epic and not repetitive and stuff… ><

16 01 2011

I love this! It’s sounds like para para song *3*

16 01 2011

Chisa gets pushed forward and Nakky and Maimai get less lines :/
I like Chisa and I’m happy for her but Nakky needs some good lines.

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