“S/mileage Music V Collection 1” Cover Released

14 01 2011

The cover for S/mileage’s Single V collection DVD titled S/mileage Music V Collection 1 has been released on S/mileage’s official website.

The cover is reallt impressive since we see an amazing picture of S/mileage in their flower outfits for Short Cut while striking some great poses: Yuuka has a Buono! themed pose of putting her index on her cheack, Ayaka holds bothhands under her head while Saki and Kanon are making a heart with their hands.

The background, even though its flashy color, doesn’t distract from the girls or anything in this cover and the color is really well chosen since baby-blue with white flowers on the corners are a great addition of simplicity to the girl’s outfits, and the flowers on the design bring up the flowers on their dresses.

As for the title, it’s written in a really cool font against multi-colored flowers, and on its left are the Single V covers of all their singles included from aMa no Jaku to Short Cut in a montage, which reminds us a bit of the Limited A cover for their single.

Overall, the cover is really amazing with its bright colors and flower theme, and I hope that all S/mileage fans will be able to purchase this collection to have all of their PVs so far.

The release date is set for 2/16.

S/mileage’s official website’s page about DVD




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