Lilpri- “Mugendai Wonder Girl” LQ Preview Released

14 01 2011

A LQ preview of Lilpri’s new song titled “Mugendai Wonder Girl” has been released.

Their new song was used in the anime that Lilpri cosplays for and so the preview was also taken from the anime episode. From what I can hear the song is alright, the beginning where it sounds as if all three are singing is really nice, for some reason it sounds as if they’re voices have gotten deeper and it sounds more mature than normal. Plus the instrumental at the beginning is a bit catchy.

If the outfits they used in the anime is also what they will be using to cosplay for their next song then I’ll find this single quite interesting.The outfits in the video is a layered white wedding dress with a stripe of color at the bottom. It’s sort of weird to see such young girls in a wedding dress so I’m curious to see how that will be executed.

Hopefully a better preview is released soon and all fans can get a better opinion of it.

The release date is currently unknown.

Video Uploaded by: bluemoon32132




2 responses

15 01 2011

Since they didn’t release the previous insert song (“Prospect”) on the “Idolulu” single – and given the fact that Lil*Pri change outfits for every performance in the show – this outfit’s chance of being used is… pretty much zero percent. =P
If memory serves me right, the outfits used for “Idolulu” hadn’t been used in the show; only for the PV. The outfit for the “Little♥Princess” single is the only one used in the show (and it’s been used about… two-or-three times?).
Basically, I am saying that they will only cosplay for opening themes (and advertisements/promotion events). Since this is an insert song, it is highly unlikely that they will release this as a single – since the previous insert song wasn’t released, this may or may not be released on the next single (maybe on an album).

20 01 2011

they use this outfit in the CM for McDonald’s Japan’s Happy Set. and Ringo (Ayaka) even got a different outfit!
well in the CM this outfit was made as a short dress, but they say that the name of the outfit was ‘happy wedding’… same as in the anime show.

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