“Ai Kago meets Jazz~The First Door Live” DVD Announced

14 01 2011

Ai Kago meets Jazz~The First Door Live” DVD has been announced.

About a year ago Aibon released her 1st album which is titled exactly the same as this DVD (minus the DVD part) so with that being said I’m expecting this DVD will be the live performance of her 1st album songs or it’ll be a documentary of some sort about her 1st album release.

If this DVD is indeed her performing her 1st album I’m looking quite forward to it. Taking a look at her album setlist I’m know a lot of the songs listed and though I’m not a fan of jazz music just listening to Aibon and hearing how she’s changed throughout her career is enough for me. If this DVD is about her documentary I’d still find that quite interesting to see what she’s been up to since her Morning Musume/H!P days.

The only thing I’m sort of wondering about is why she waited so long to release the DVD after the album came out. The DVD release date and the album release date is almost a full year apart. In a way I understand that she’s not with UFA anymore and her releases won’t be as fast as the H!P artists but still it makes me wonder why the new agency she’s with (if she’s with any) would wait that long.

Hopefully all fans can reserve a copy of her DVD.

The release date is set for 3/23.

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