Mano Erina – “Seishun no Serenade” Full PV Released

13 01 2011

The full PV for Mano Erina’s 9th single titled Seishun no Serenade has been released.

The preview we saw a few weeks ago stopped before the chorus began, so I’m glad to see that the full PV has been released since we can find out how the rest of the video looks.

As you might remember the PV features about four major scenes: the dance shot in the classroom, the close-up of Mano singing to the camera, Mano singing while sitting down in a desk, as well as a shot of Mano walking around the school, and while there doesn’t seem to be as many scenes as other PVs or a solid storyline I really liked the way it turned out since the few scenes that were included were well done.

There was one scene that didn’t fit that much with the rest of the PV and that’s the scene during the bridge where huge letters pop up on the screen featuring the lyrics of the song with a sparkly border around the screen (it starts around 3:10), and when you watch the PV it will be somewhat obvious why it stands out, but despite that I did like the unique way they presented that part of the song since it did look pretty cute and happy.

The dance shot looked somewhat simple but I liked the way that it didn’t distract from the main song since it seemed to flow through nicely, and I’m glad that they still add Egg back dancers to Mano PVs since it adds a nice touch of variety that could look great in other H!P PVs if done right (it seems that the Eggs are Satou Ayano, Sekine Azusa, Sengoku Minami, and Katsuta Rina which should clear some doubts that fans had).

The scene of her walking around the school didn’t have that much of a storyline since it just featured Mano walking into various classes, up some stairs and into a gym where she finally finds a piano and plays one note as the PV ends, but I did like how they at least tried to add a small story along with the other scenes since it did seem to raise the question of whether or not she will play piano again in future singles (something which puts her apart from other H!P groups).

Apart from that there was the usual close-up shot where we get to see Mano singing at the camera (where she looks as gorgeous as always) which is always a nice touch since it brings focus on to Mano, but it would be interesting to see a PV which didn’t have as many close-up shots to add a bit more variety such as more scenes like the one where Mano was singing from the desk while looking out the window (which looked amazing).

Overall the PV did a great job of matching the soft upbeat sound of the song since the dance and close-up shot, as well as scenes of Mano walking around the school and singing while looking out the window looked amazing, and while the PV lacked a strong storyline and had a few scenes that stood out a bit too much I loved the way the full PV turned out.

Hopefully all Mano fans can check out the full PV.

The release date is set for 1/26.

Video uploaded by: ManoErinaCHANNEL




7 responses

13 01 2011

Still can’t really tell who the Eggs are .___.
I think the two on the sides are Rie or Konatsu or Ayano and Rina or Wakana.

13 01 2011

Nice pv! :3

13 01 2011

I really like the pv but wasn’t impressed when the words came up, I thought it ruined a great pv.
I miss Mano and her Piano

13 01 2011

I was so positive it was Konachan and not Ayanon…
Of course, the bangs… didn’t compare them, last time (dunno why)
Ah, but I guessed the other three right, so I’m happy <3

I really, really adore the last scene (when the last note sounds) <3

13 01 2011

The song is too meh, BUT! I will say this. Her singing has gotten a LOT better. It used to have this REALLY awkward tone to it, but now it sounds great. If she keeps improving like this (with every single release, it’s like she’s a total new person), she very may well become one of the best singers in H!P.

13 01 2011

Back dancer: Kaneko Rie, Sekine Azusa, Sengoku Minami dan Katsuta Rina.

14 01 2011

Now she has really grown up! :D

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