Frances & Aiko -“Jia Jia You! Da Xiao Jie” Album Cover Released

13 01 2011

Frances & Aiko’s 2nd album cover titled “Jia Jia You! Da Xiao Jie” has been released.

The cover features Frances & Aiko on a plant made swing that is hanging from the clouds. Both of them are dressed in a purple frilly dress with patterned pants and they both have a star wand.

I like how colorful the album cover is and their colorful outfits are nice as well. My favorite part would have to be the cloud portion of the album, the artwork is cute and it’s the first  thing that caught my eye when I saw the picture. The only thing I would’ve changed is the size of Frances & Aiko’s heads. I’m thinking that they were trying to make the girls seem “chibi” because of their age but I think that effect is much better kept in animes. (“Chibi” as in the oversized head type of drawing in manga and animes)

Regardless of that their album looks directed towards younger children and I think that it fits appropriately and hopefully all fans will reserve a copy when it’s released.

The release date is set on 1/26.

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One response

14 01 2011

those outfits are pretty cute!

but.. in the end its a creepy cover

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